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because eventually kids nowadays and in the future are going to look at these outdated plastic discs and question why they exist

it already happened with music, and now it's happening with movies.

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microsoft is just seeing how far they can push us

i realized this back in 2010, when they uped the gold price for no reason.

they got away with that, so they got even more bold. just because they have withdrawn for now doesn't mean they are done seeing how far they can push us

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what reason does the rift exist for other than virtual sex games?

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make a new fucking f-zero game!

that's all I ask

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that's too bad, I was looking forward to playing this game

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the real correct answer is marble blast ultra

too bad you can no longer buy it

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4 ports in 2 years

omg, I'm drowning in ports

honestly, I would have no problems if they wanted to port their entire n64 library to the 3ds

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mirai nikki

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this was the first time I was hyped for a xbla game all year, but I can't play it because I'm a dirty free peasant

I will remember this come next gen, microsoft

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trials evolution deserves goty, not only is it's gameplay the best, most polished and fun for this year, but it could go down in history as one of the greats