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@tadros: Yes, schools are still needed even if some of them don't give internships. Also, it is ultimately for a piece of paper that states that you know what you are doing in your field. Finally, you can't use yourself as an example. For all we know you could be at a community college with a 4.0 gpa or at Princeton with a 4.0. It's different for everyone. For example, my memory is significantly better than most people's and I preform better under pressure so I can get away with brushing up 30min before a test and not paying attention in class while someone else who has a similar memory may get test anxiety and completely mess up the course.

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@Zenaxzd: It's not actually my idea. It was posted on a different forum and I called the guy out and plead my case and one of the excuses to back up his control scheme was that soldier one. Just trying to prove he's a dumbass.

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Wow no one likes the controls that I proposed?

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I have an interesting idea about how Nintendo or anyone should do an FPS on the Wii U. Since there are no L3/R3 buttons wouldn't it be good if sprinting were assigned to the left trigger. I know, I know, many of you are wondering how you will put up your iron sights. Well, that's simple really. You just need to hold up the UPad straight up whenever you want to put up the sights and set it back down to put them down. I know that for many especially those who have an iPad this will be a pain because holding the iPad straight up is not ideal for more than 10 min. That doesn't matter though because in real life soldiers have to constantly raise and lower their weapons when they want to go aim through the sites. I'm sure that someone with more knowledge on game design can share his or her thoughts on this.

So what do you guys think about the controls, yay or nay?

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I would blow on it and then slam it down.

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I might sound completely remedial right now, but wii has made me like playing games again. I grew up with nintendo and stuck with them until gcube. I bought a wii at launch, but the lack of hd really turned me off. So after I beat zelda tp, which took me a year and a half to beat, I shelved the system and mainly played 360 and ps3. I was big into halo and for a while I was competitive in it. After about 2 years of that I was completely burnt out from playing games and I felt like I just played them because it was something to do when I was at home and not because I actually enjoyed them. So about two years ago I started playing super mario galaxy and super mario bros pretty often. Now it's all I want to play. It's just like taking me back to the days when I played to have fun. I just got mario kart 7 and super mario 3d land and playing all of this mario and zelda shit is like crack. When I play that's what I want to play. End of discussion.

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@Barrock said:

You sound like you don't want to be in a relationship. Why are you in a relationship?


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I just took a few dome shots to the head hanging out with maryjane and I'm feeling excellent so I'm going to make some confessions.

First off Idk what happened to Gualticon, but that dude is my eternal rival on these forums. Nothing bad, but we did have a few disagreements. I like Gualticon, but still he's my eternal rival like if I'm Red then He's Blue. Also to the moderator I liked the lion king pic more. It made you look like you were ready for war.

Second, I feel like I brought the heat all the time with mac_n_nina. I mean I was ready to go all the time. I would just line that shit up and fire it off and take the criticism that came with it. Uncut 100% pure all the time. You always got what I was feeling.

Third, my gf came to stay with me and my parents for the last week of winter holiday before we head back to school and I think I want to break up with her. My mom loves her and I think I do too, but I feel like she wants something that I don't. She's 23 and I'm 20. The way she's been acting with my mom and stuff is leading me to believe that she's trying to settle down with me in the next few years, but that's really not on my radar. She's thinking about putting a ring on it and I'm thinking about sex. Also now it's really weird sleeping in the same bed as her because it just feels like I'm committing even though i shouldn't be. She's currently next to me sleeping. I hate when people sleep next to me. I like to spread out and sleep in really weird positions. Not to mention she sleeps on the right side of the bed (when facing it) and is faced towards the door and I don't like facing the door so I'm turned around the other way and having her ass in my back is not helping me. I need some help. Everyone I talk to about it is like oh you guys are such a cute couple and blah blah blah, but the bottom line is that they don't know. I know, but the don't.

I'm glad that I'm always welcome to post myself. You guys are awesome. I apologize if my thoughts are all over the place. I'm not exactly in the right state of mind to be typing this. I think my spelling and grammar is pretty solid right now. Also I got pretty drunk at dinner today off of some champagne and it was awesome. I remember telling my dad that he blew 200 bucks on that bottle for no reason, but after like 2 glasses that shit was going in.

Peace out

Praying for the best, but preparing for the worst

EDIT: My name is not Aki, but it kinda is because it's been my nickname for as long as I can remember. Yosh is also my nickname too. Scotty gave me that one back in 3rd grade. BTW I had the hottest teacher ever in third grade.

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@Mahonay said:

I started the typical way. NES with the Zapper, packaged in with the Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt cartridge.

My dad brought me to Funco Land as a birthday surprise and bought a used NES bundle. It was a shock to me as my mother was incredibly adamant about me not playing video games (she still is to this day, actually). Thanks dad!

That's usually how it goes. Dad is always the best when it comes to introducing you to things that mom doesn't want.

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The prob is that you're using SD cables on an HDTV.