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So this is just kind a word dump please excuse it if some of the ideas are repeated, also misspelling just felt like I needed to say what was on my mind.

We as a group insist that we are adults, we insist that we have a hobby that is just as acceptable as any other and that we even think of as art, yet when anyone acts in any way that we don’t like we lash out like a small child on the playground. This whole thing for me was lit off by the recent reaction to Ubisoft being sued. For those under a rock the company is being sued by a write who claims that the ideas used as the games foundation (Namely accessing ancestral memory and reliving history) are from his 2003 book “Link”. He is seeking damages of 1.05 million up to 5.25 if Ubisoft willfully infringed on his copyright, as well as prevention of release of any further assassins creed products.

Personally I don’t like that last bit, I love the AC franchise but if the concept was stolen I believe that he should be entitled to compensation. The problem is that he has almost immediately been attacked by at least a small part of the community claiming he just wants money. They immediately took the internet and posted negative reviews on his book which had been largely unreviewed until this whole thing began ( I found 1 amazon review dated before 4/18/2012). This is where I have a problem, if we want to be taken seriously and have games taken seriously we need to stop with the immature behavior. Even if it is just a small part of the community we need to make it clear that this is not something we think is acceptable, bashing on someone just for starting a suit against a company or game you like is no excuse for behavior like this. For all we know this guy has a legitimate claim against the AC franchise and if not then the courts will stop it for us. Even if his lawsuit turned out to be bogus and just be a play for cash this is still no acceptable way to respond, if we want to be taken seriously we need to earn it by behaving in an adult manner.

In the end we are moving towards more mainstream acceptance as a hobby and even perhaps a form of art, things like this will only convince people that we are not ready to be seen as such and will only set us back. The further we get into mainstream acceptance (something I’m assuming everyone myself included wants) the more light will be shone on behavior like this and the more it will hurt our reputation as a community.

If you made it down here thanks for reading my rant, I hope it wasn’t too bad.

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Yes all of them are just the block puzzles, its really more of a backdrop for the story elements that they tell you while you solve the puzzles.

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If this means they make less Uncharted the hell NO, I think  they can make what they want. They have earned my trust to know what they are doing.

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" Sorry too bump this, but just wanted to have a little input just in case people see this thread while trying to deiced. After spending time with both League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth I would definitely recommend HoN. HoN was much more fun to play in my opinion and there is no micro-transactions which means once you have it, no worries! The game will keep getting updated and you get it all straight away.   If you are worried about the community I recommend playing non-stat noob games, I have had some very nice people on these setting and have enjoyed myself a lot.  So if you are trying to decide I would say Heroes of Newerth! ^__^ "
HoN is also just DotA reskinned, they even admit and show you what characters are exact copies of DotA characters, they introduced nothing new. LoL is at least trying to introduce new ideas to the genre.
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Yes you can play in any order, they check by the mission so as long as they are completed it counts. Also if you are not trying to get the solo on legenday achievement then co-op levels you have completed also count.

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@NekuSakuraba said:
" @macandcheese said:
" @NekuSakuraba: They have a weekly rotation of heroes you can play without buying them and you can buy any hero with IP which is points you earn for playing games. So yes you have to buy them but its not like youre spending real money. "
Well that's alright but wouldn't you just get beaten since people who have been playing longer would have better heroes?  "
Not really since any of the heroes can be free during any given week, the heroes are all pretty well balenced too and the game revolves a lot around items. Most heroes can be countered by the right item set even if they are strong against you.
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@NekuSakuraba: They have a weekly rotation of heroes you can play without buying them and you can buy any hero with IP which is points you earn for playing games. So yes you have to buy them but its not like youre spending real money.
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@jim_dandy said:
" u gonna get raped "
this sounds about right
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I currently run all my games of a 23 inch computer screen since my dorm room is too large for my 32 inch TV. Its nice and I have had no problems with any sort of lag, the display is nice and crisp  although it can be hard to read the text sometimes since the screen is small and some games like to put lots of test on screen (dragon age comes to mind). Overall its a great way to go just make sure the screen has HDMI ports to make youre life easier.

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@pyromaster222: Its a search engine available through my school, its called LexisNexis, its pretty good for finding academic info.
 Oh and I totally realized the spelling error in the title like 10 seconds after I posted it, but hey what could I do.