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Thanks for the article. There are apparently more big games that I will end up buying this year than I thought, but I'm right there with you Jeff in terms of "where are the big games?!?" It seems like there are a lot less. Happy to have the smaller $10-40 releases deliver, but the lack of big tent pole blockbusters is disturbing.

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File under: animes

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I watched the whole fucking run the next night, it was crazy. Nice article, Patrick!

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How Web 2.0 is that logo? I hope it's good, please be good, ohgodohgod.

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Wait, y'mean DICE won't just let BF4 remain broken? Fuck dude, that's some dedication! :p

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I saw a post by Fish on Neogaf circa 2007 where he talks about being bipolar. It's with that info that I can't believe people have resorted to calling him an "asshole manchild" like I've seen elsewhere. Yes, with treatment bipolar disorder can be controlled, but treatment doesn't "cure" you and you have to be on top of taking your meds. I'm not mad at Phil Fish and I don't think he's an asshole. I try to not think such things of people who have chemical imbalances. But whatever, mental illness is a trigger in society that activates people's ignorance. We aren't "allowed" to be mentally ill because only "asshole manchildren" are allowed to be sick. Apparently.

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Such a gaping hole in my heart right now. What an unbelievable tragedy. It's like losing a friend. A great voice was lost.

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I'm glad they didn't just run to a publisher, and I think this is really the best case scenario given the situation. Granted, the project should've been better managed, but it's not like game development is an exact science.

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Why the fuck doesn't the DIRECTOR OF PROGRAMMING know when shit is getting released? Seriously?

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@def said:

Seriously, could he have gone to a more perfect company? lol

They were made for eachother! :)