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Really? I thought bought Godzilla and X-Men DOFP had really cheesy dialogue parts. Which normally I wouldn't have minded but both the movies took themselves incredibly seriously so it lessened my enjoyment quite a bit. Godzilla's monsters scenes were great but it's like they weren't even trying in the drama parts. Crazy old conspiracy theorist who no one believes, sergeant who has a baby waiting back at home. Come on. X-Men though had the one scene that I would call the best in 2014 so far, where the fast kid clears everyone in the room, that was brilliant. I wish rest of the movie could hold up to that.

Just got around to watching X-Men: Days of Future Past last night, this pretty much sums up how I felt, absolutely loved the first half of the film, but the second part was overly cheesy and melodramatic... Wolverine shooting off like Team Rocket had me in stitches though.

Enjoyable, but sooooo much that had us scratching our collective heads when we left, 3/5 seems fair.

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Nottingham, UK

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I thought it was pretty bad right off the bat, but that it could still just be mindless fun... Nope. I thought it looked a little Dark Souls-esque so was excited to play it, even did a video playthrough... God was I disappointed. And yeah, that final part of the game is just the worst.

I love how no one gives a shit that you're turning into a demon, yet go screaming when they see Mathras...

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I'm insanely reluctant to use guns in horror games if they give you a melee attack, always figure I need to conserve the ammo for harder situations... Regardless of how much I actually have in my inventory or that the battle would take a fraction of the time if I'd pull the trigger -_-

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Katamari Forever (assuming you haven't played any of the others, in that case don't bother), Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes (clunky but found it more fun than DW), Okami (HD), Tokyo Jungle.

Also, I'll bat for Siren Blood Curse too...

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I actually found playing arena early on really useful, since I was seeing and playing with the same cards over and over in casual/ranked, so breaking out of that comfort zone and finding out what the other heroes I hadn't played as could have in their deck was pretty interesting.

But then again, I had a friend tell me not to expect to win, so I went into it with the mindset of treating it as simply a lesson.

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Block B's Jackpot is out!

Not really been keeping up with kpop so far this year, hasn't been much that hit home for me. This one at least has a few catchy parts and some awesome outfits.