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Jade empire is the best of all biowares titles, 
,i heard jade empire 2 was in the works but when EA took bioware over they cancelled it.

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enjoyed the first one a lot,cant wait for the track list

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In ME 1 definately Tali,so useful for scavaging and geth are never a worry with her around

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IMO  directx version number
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Cool, we're 5th

I'd have thought the usa fell some places because its more capitalist than other countries(ie.poor?though luck),But GB is below them so that kinda blows that theory out of the water

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@Azrail: Movies rarely are as good as the book,but at the same time theyre easier and quicker to get through. 
Big advantage of books for me is people more or less look the way you want them to.Personally i'm sick of johnny depp etc being a pirate one minute and being a willie wonka wannabe the next.,,The same faces all the time kind of kills believability for me.  
The end of angels with dirty faces was very good too,even better than one flew over the cuckoos nest.
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Love= the place is really casual and the general honesty of the people
Hate= all the media ever does is whine and whine,i mean its endless,they continue to whine all the time and when something new comes along it starts all over again

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@GunslingerPanda: And the moral of the story is always cover your head and try to have your back near to the wall so you wont be got from behind. 
On the up side you have got your once every ten years beating out of the way so you should be safe for the next ten at least,and in ten years time you will probably be too old to get any more beatings,so cheer up,youre past the worst.
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I'm not an emotional guy and in all my life there are only a few things that nearly got me, 
Grave of the fireflies,very sad 
samurai x,trust and betrayal,great story 
the exorcist,i was only 12 at the time and was on my own,serious case of leave the lights on  
seven samurai,sheer awesomeness,,if that can be called an emotion 
Its a wonderful life,,reckon i dont need to explain why.  
One flew over the cuckoos nest,,stuck with me for a long time.
The one film that did actually get me,and i bawled like a baby(bawled in front of people too which says a lot) is mel gibsons"the Passion of Christ",,but i guess that might affect some people more than most. 
Nearly forgot,the way Angels with dirty faces worked out was brilliant too,cagney was a top man

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SSI or Sega,Nobody can bling like sega

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