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better,much better 0

First off i have two things to say.1,forza 3 was the worst arent doing themselves or anybody else any favours.Forza 4 is great improvement over its predecessor,big time better graphics,the cars seem to have more snap and theres more to the game than just going around in circles,which was all there really was to do in forza 3.What really broke forza 3 was that stupid triangle,4 has the triangle but luckily it isnt bugged,you will only get it if you have done something wrong.Also ...

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A lot of what has been said is wrong 0

OK,I've only been playing the game for about a week but one thing that stuck me straight away was that all the hype about physics and stuff was way off,as was some of the criticism.Most notable is when you are racing,even with full damage turned on is the car doesnt take much,you can in a race crash into the car ahead of you to slow down instead of using the brakes and you will get away with it,,this  was probably intentional on the part of simbin because it suits online racing more,ie drivers w...

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