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Still chugging through Inquisition, while taking some Destiny breaks. Want to get back into Shadow of Mordor.

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For me, Dragon Age Inquisition is a little too open. I come to the Dragon Age series for the story. I don't mind side quests but damn, there are A LOT OF THEM. It's hard for me to focus on the story and as such, forget what's going on.They did say they looked at Skyrim very closely, but Skyrim and Dragon Age are very different series gameplay wise. Skyrim was built for you to explore. Dragon Age has the distinction of the previous 2 entries to be more focused on story. Inquisition is quite a change. I just hope they focus more on story for the next Mass Effect and Dragon Age games.

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It was a rocky start but he's getting better and better. I wouldn't mine Jeff taking the driver seat every now and then though.

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Dragon Age Inquisition and messing around with Destiny and Halo MCC (until it bugs out and then leave it for a few days.) Throw in some 3DS games as well.

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I've had the game freeze on me at random. I can only Alt+Tab, bring up the Task Manager and force close the game, while hoping the game saved close enough to where I was.

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I was a monthly subscriber but cancelled it months ago. Haven't played it even longer than that. I'm at the last planet but doesn't interest me enough to actually finish it. You know they're getting desperate when they release an expansion centered around the main character of a game EVERYONE wanted a proper sequel to (KOTOR) to bring back players. Sorry BioWare. If you want my money, you need to either create more sequels to the KOTOR series, or reboot it or something.

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So what day will Jeff have his panel? Will he be there all three days?

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Seems awfully convenient for this to have "leaked" this far off of its release date. Trying to sweep Unity under the rug Ubisoft? I think not.

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With my ears, on my computer.