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If you don't mind some old school SNES JRPG, I'd definitely look into playing Terranigma. How that game never got a remake is beyond me. The story is incredible and the combat is real time.

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Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Are you reading this BioWare?

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When I was thinking about their expansion, I didn't think it would come to them splitting up in separate offices across the country. I will miss the video content they did together.

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I remember Bob Hoskins mostly as Smee in Hook.

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This is all good until Oculus forces you into anything that has to do with Facebook. It may not happen at first, but I'm afraid it may. Facebook sign in on some games? Advertisements through Rift where money goes into Facebooks' pocket? Some sort of Facebook integration through Rift? A possible competitor for Google Glass? Facebook gathering info on games you play through Rift? Anything can happen.

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In terms of financials? Hell no. In terms of family? Hell yes. In terms of love? Yet to be seen.

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Alright everyone. Sorry I'm a little late for the party but here's my friend code: 4098-3818-9462

Don't StreetPass much so lets all band together.

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One of the most imaginative JRPG that has been lost since the SNES is Terranigma. I would love a re-release or a remake.