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I was an avid reader on Gamespot back in the day and that's how I was introduced to Jeff, Ryan Davis, Alex, Brad, Rich Gallup, and other Gamespot mainstays. From there, Ryan started his Arrow Pointing Down podcast which brought in Jeff later on. Then that became GiantBomb and the rest is, as they say, history.

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Damn! 59 gigs? Sooner or later we'll need a better way of storing our data. Either that, or hard drives in the future should be VERY VERY cheap.

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I think this all comes down to personal preference. All FF games are unique for the most part in their own way. I think it depends on what story and battle system you prefer. Any of them up until FFX and maybe FFXII are good.

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My dream of another Budokai game will never come true. Last one we had of that style was Burst Limit.

I agree. The Budokai style games were the best recent Dragonball Z games. They played just like a actual fighting game and not like the fly around tenkaichi games. Also, Dimps who is the developer of the Budokai series is making this so there is hope.

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Any video feature with Vinny and Jeff is priceless.

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I'm always hoping for a proper sequel to SWAT 4 so every now and then I'll install it back and play some. I recently installed COD4 and am enjoying just as much as I did back then.

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We all know Michael Keaton should've won an Oscar for the first Batman movie. And if you haven't seen a movie called My Life, you should. That's another nomination he should've gotten. But Birdman is such a weird movie. Seeing him as the Birdman made me want to see Batman again.

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I would love to go but unfortunately work and bills get in the way.

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Brad wasn't as invested as he was in the first two which is unfortunate. He basically gave up competing which is the whole point of the game and this series.

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I got used to Patrick Klepek doing the horror quicklooks. One of the best content on the site. At least Patrick got genuinely scared whereas Dan and Drew don't really get into it.