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One of the most imaginative JRPG that has been lost since the SNES is Terranigma. I would love a re-release or a remake.

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Of course. What's the point of holding onto the box if you're going to throw it away? If so, then buy digital. But only for the ones I really like or can't find a box copy and can only buy digital.

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I got ATH-M50 monitor headphones.

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Atari 2600.

A truly wonderful console.

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I stopped caring about anything Final Fantasy after X.

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Good memories of Phantasmagoria back in the day. I wonder if we will ever see a resurgence of FMV video games.

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Solution? No one breaths.

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Discs on all games, if possible. Also depends on how much I like a specific game and if the digital version of said game with have some extra content etc.

Overall, discs for me. I want to actually own a copy of a game and not just a license.

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In light of the whole blocking used-games, publishers trying to get a cut from the used-games market and also what David Cage said about how much they lost on used games, what if the retail prices of video games drop down to $49.99, wouldn't that give people more of an incentive to buy the games at retail, maybe that extra 1,000,000 will have paid for the retail game if the RRP was lowered?

*The total sales include the 1,000,000 extra people that David Cage said had trophies, which were possibly from used games.

Old Price$59.99£39.99
New Price$49.99£29.99
Heavy Rain (Retail Sales)2,000,0002,000,000
Heavy Rain (Total Sales)3,000,0003,000,000
Heavy Rain (Retail Sales w. Old Price )$119,980,000.00£79,980,000.00
Heavy Rain (Total Sales w. New Price)$149,970,000.00£89,970,000.00

Only in a perfect world my friend....only in a perfect world.