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Damn, we are WAY behind the genius of these people who create these hacks and covers.

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I tend to agree. QL NOW!

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They did QLs of a few games right after the Vita launched but nothing since then.

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Simply amazing!

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If you want to upgrade to this current gen, even if it's almost at the end of it, you should do it now. Current gen parts are cheaper and they will continue dropping down in price as the next gen comes around. Problem is that next gen components will be expensive.

If money is not an issue then wait till next year and see what's available. If not, then you can upgrade now for cheap and it will still last you well into the next gen. You could upgrade your CPU and motherboard and get 8GB of RAM ($25 for 8GB, that's NOTHING.)

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I doubt Sony is going to drop out of the gaming industry. I don't think they would leave their market share to be divided up by Nintendo and Microsoft. They have invested too much and with the success of the PS2, they have proven that they can do it right.

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Yes I do. No need to waste time downloading/licensing DLC I paid for. At least when it's on disc, I own it,

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Whether or not people like the revised ending or not, BioWare made the revised ending canon. BioWare could've chosen not to revise it and leave it as is and just offer an explanation to gamers. But they did listen to gamers, they did revise it, and as such, is now canon.

Long story short, Brad should play it with all patches, all DLC and all revisions installed.

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With his own campaign having to correct what he says every single time, makes me wonder how he can be taken seriously.