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I wonder if EA has forgotten or chose to ignore the Underground series in favor of "what brings in the cash". I'm going to reinstall Underground 2.

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Exactly, I feel like racing games are going the way of FPS games. Make similar games in the genre per year, make it fast and action-packed, don't even bother with the story because kids these days want ACTION.

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I watched the QL for NFS Most Wanted 2012 and it got me thinking about how I miss the story in the original Most Wanted and how awesome Underground 2 was. I wonder why they removed the story part from this new game to make it more Burnout. Also, WHERE THE HELL IS UNDERGROUND 3??????????

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Is there any doubt to this? PC of course.

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@MattyFTM said:

What did Jeff say in the NHL quick look?

Vinny first noticed that all the scores for all the teams started from 4/5 stars and higher. So Jeff then took that comment and said something like that's how IGN rates games, or something like that.

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Damnit! I wonder if Bioware will last with their current reputation without them.

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Depends on whether you could actually touch the box and find out if it was a sticker or not. Sometimes Walmart puts it's high-profile games in those anti-theft plastic cases where it would be difficult to tell. I've never had the logo actually printed on the box.

How did Walmart get permission to do that?

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Jonas Kyratzes is a wise man. I agree.

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Just remember the QLs are for entertainment purposes only. They're not the bible in buying a game. I've bought games before where the GB crew didn't like at all and I still enjoyed them. Don't be dismayed by some opinions on QLs. Maybe the GB crew don't present an accurate, or even adequate, picture of a game as a whole, but who cares. That's their opinion. If you like a game, then you can post about it and praise it as much as you want.

Long story short, don't take QLs seriously.

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So is the story prevalant throughout the game, or is it just the usual "this is who you are, this is what's happened, this is what you must do, GO" type of MMO?