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Voting No!

I hate the nationalist attitude with these things. Unity, not division, please.

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@damodar said:

he seems to clear his throat a lot and it makes me laugh, thinking about how angry it would probably be making some people. :D

I glad you enjoy my pain. Love me some Matt Rorie, but I just have some irrational pet peeve with things like that. I can't even listen to my local baseball team on the radio anymore, since one of the announcers has taken to sucking on cough drops. IT'S LIKE A TERRIBLE PRISON I'VE BUILT FOR MYSELF!

With you here. Wish he would use some quick mute on the mic or whatever. He does it a lot. A lot. And it drives me crazy.

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Oh man, it's great seeing everyone's reaction of, "This happens all the time - it's not news". When that exact sentiment has been addressed in the article.

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Oh wow. I didn't expect Apple to be doing that. I guess they understand the value of their App Store and how it's always the place that the big apps hit first. Interesting.

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It's all 'em FAT CATS sitting on piles of money that makes this industry so expensive!

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This...this can't be a coincidence right?

Yeah I'm confused. This is here because of Giant Bomb and they don't even mention that?

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Even if he did take some funding to help with Borderlands, it helped in the long run.

Just to be clear this should read: "Even if he did defraud Sega to help with Borderlands, it helped Borderlands in the long run.

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Blow up the site, it's called Giant Bomb after all.

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Hell yeah La-Mulana! Been waiting for this to be Greenlit ever since the Quick Look. Very excited.

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I'm confused. So people are saying that they shouldn't have shown the game so early on, but... isn't that one of the reasons people love indie/community driven games, seeing it in its bare bones developing?