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Yes, this is a disturbingly simply question. I'm used to having DLC ping in-game with some kind of blatant e-mail message about new missions being available but so far I have heard nothing.  I am in the middle of an Insanity playthrough and haven't progressed very far into the main storyline.   
Does anyone know how far I need to go before the Shadow Broker missions become availalbe? 

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@Phonics said:
" 15 year olds shouldnt be allowed to comment on this news post. I especially loved the guy with the Mass Effect avatar talking about 'modern day franchises'. Guess what dipshit, Mass Effect is just a more shallow Baldurs Gate with better graphics and in space.   Every true pc gamer (and no playing World of Warcraft for 2 years doesen't make you a pc gamer) will get this game EVEN though it won't be anything new. It's goddamn Duke and thats something the kids can't understand. "
How do I rep this comment... and do it 100x?
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the first thing:  I will definitely try to play the campaign in co-op. 
The new Forge mode looks very elaborate but I'll dig into that well after I've done the campaign and played several hours of multiplayer.

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Tried out a game earlier tonight.  It's very laggy but I still had fun in the session I played.  

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Good stuff.  Both games will give the Tekken franchise a big boost in the NA market.  Tekken does gangbusters in Japan and S.Korea but seems to be a red-headed stepchild here in the west.

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Audio logs are okay... much better than text logs that you have to read. But, how many years has it been since Half-Life 2?  That game unfolded a narrative so seamlessly and efficiently.  Just tell your story as your levels play out, don't make your players listen to half-baked dialog or read eye-destroying pages of ugly text.

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Look forward to the QL and/or review.  Sadly, the multiplyer in Singularity has me most interested in buying it but I have a feeling those online lobbies will be ghost towns.  Or at best they will be mildly busy for the first month before petering out fast.  

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I see your point. The demo didn't wow me either. I deleted it without even finishing what was on offer in the demo.

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This looks fantastic.  At worst it will be a straight-to-video B-movie and I would still eat it up.

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Got Blur a couple days ago and played the Split/Second demo.  The driving model in Blur is a touch more realistic but it's not the unsatisfying, middle-of-the-road compromise you see in PGR. It's still very arcadey.  But Split/Second definitely takes on more of that Burnout feel.  Really enjoying Blur now.. they did a great job of layering on the reward systems and making the career and online mode feel somewhat connected.