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My, what a deeply personal question.  Err..well I do it on the bed see.  I kept the EX2 box because I'm a pack rat but it works out because I sit on my bed and use the box as a makeshift table for the stick. Got a pillow propped up on the headboard, box in between the legs with the arcade stick on top and I'm ready to roll.

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I have latched on to a few of the new characters.  Juri is awesome.  So is Dudley and Guy.  Still like C. Viper and Cammy, too.

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Awesome idea. 
GT:  Maclintok

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@animateria: Ah, thanks. Huh my eyes must've glazed over that part of the G4 article.  Can't wait to hear this story discussed further on the Bombcast.
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Interesting story.  I am as eager as anyone to assume that Zampella & West were released due to differences in opinion with Activision on where they see IW going as a studio.  Whatever the reasoning, it is surely going to be a huge blow to morale for the IW developers.  I can easily see Activision installing a "company man" to run the studio from here on out, prompting a further drop in morale and perhaps some high profile resignations. 
Then again, it's also possible some generous retention bonuses have or will be paid to the key creative leads at Infinity Ward.  As for Zampella & West, this is all very much a blessing in disguise.  They will not be wanting for new job offers and will are not likely to have much difficulty launching new studios either as a team or on their own.  Best of luck to them.

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It's a good review!  English does NOT seem like your second language judging from how well you've written your review.  That said, it reads more like a fan's extended forum post more than an actual game review.   I'll explain a bit...
Your piece  jumps right into the nitty gritty of Mass Effect 2 without really introducing the concept behind the game to a reader who may not be familiar with the series.  In general I got the sense there was a lot of assumed familiarity with Mass Effect.  But it's a minor detail compared to how well the review is put together.  Your breakdowns are nice.  You go on a bit long but I can relate to that as my game reviews tend to be on the longer side of things. The challenge of every writer, in my opinion, is brevity:  to say what you need to say in as few words as possible.

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The thing with Photoshop is: it's a tool.  Both "real" artists and other professionals use it and the resulting projects can be as artistic as everyone cares to agree on.  I did graphic design for a number of years but never considered myself an artist.   This is why I chose option B. 
It's a difficult question obviously.  Just because you use Photoshop doesn't necessarily qualify you as an artist.  At the same time, if using Photoshop is all you know and you are capable of producing beautiful work with it, I would not hesitate to call you an artist.

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I played a bit of the demo last night and stunned how well it runs on my moderately specced laptop.  Granted with the detail cranked down to medium or lower the graphics are nothing to write home about and the visual style is boring to say the least.  I never played SupCom 1 but any game that streamlines their economic & base building models gets a thumbs up in my book.

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Barely 3 weeks after release and it's already getting discounted to $50 at BestBuy here in Canada.  Not the sign of a hot seller but I hope it does at least as well if not slightly better than Dead Space.

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Ryan's video misrepresents Dante's Inferno.  It is a very good game.  I had my share of frustrations with the game mostly with some boss fights and the environmental puzzles but when all's said and done I kept on coming back to the game to play. 
Ninja Gaiden II was even worse in the challenge and anger department and I still count it as one of my favourite 360 games. 
Dante's Inferno has a bad rep.