I'm feeling supersonic....

  Ahhh Oasis, my adoration of this band began some years ago when I downloaded the single "Morning Glory"; Liam's voice on the song completely blew my mind; I had never heard anyone sing quite like him.
  After only a few weeks of hearing the single mentioned above I had become as they say: "mad fer it"  and subsequently proceeded to fill my ipod with as many of their live concerts as I could find (Maine Rd, Tokyo, and Gleneagles stand out in my mind the as being the best). So during  the past few years of downloading tons of concerts bootlegs (all of which have never been officially) I've been able to find a lot pretty rare songs by them one being  an acoustic version of Noel playing "Supersonic" which I uploaded to Youtube. Here's the link in case anyone cares to see it  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utzO9swgh6I