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get2sammyb said:
"Who wouldn't have copied Resident Evil 4 though? I mean that game was THAT good. Someone was going to have to build on it."
True, but maybe Cliffy got a little too inspired???!!!
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WilliamRLBaker said:
"RE4 sucked 
Ciffy B mentioned a couple of times that he was heavily into Resident Evil 4. Getting some inspiration is one thing, but collecting stuff from my favourite game for my game is pretty lame. The connections between the berserker and the other guy are nothing short of embarrasing!

// P.S: when you click your link it goes to the gears of war 2 review here, it doesn't go to that image."

I corrected it.

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Why the heck is my text dark? I am using this stuff for the first time.
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