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Where would I go about doing this? Any timestamps on streams? Anyone got any videos up yet? I couldn't catch it but I'd really love to see it.

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Fuck Brock Lesnar.

That's all.

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@lemonlateralus: I hope so. We need his help to get through this!

@Nentisys: Agreed

@Droop: Maybe Jeff owns it now.

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Hello, recently I forgot my steam account password, i followed the recovery process and reset my password, yet when i launch the steam client, the password i set does not work. 
Insert Gabe Newell trollface here

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@babblinmule:  Now who told you that
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I better not be playing as Artyom because he died in the book Metro 2033, Of course he didnt save the dark ones in the book either... 
Artyom is contacted by the dark ones throughout the game because all they want is peace with their human brothers and sisters, twords the end of the game you kill one and he says "He does not understand, we only desire peace." If the player shoots the missle launch system then you get the good ending, if the player does not you get the bad ending. The good ending is the ending that most closly reflects the book.

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@FrankCanada97: @FrankCanada97 said:
" @FluxWaveZ said:
" @FrankCanada97 said:
" @Madara117 said:
" @AlisterCat: Im just glad there was no resoultion because from what ive seen of manga and  what ive read into the backround story seta falls for naoto's shyness and subtle charm. I love seta+naoto, chie is a close second though, then yuki-chan, rise didnt appeal to me at all for some reason. "
Wait, so you're saying that MC-Naoto is the canon pairing? "
Won't believe it until I see it.  In my mind, the Lovers arcana should be the canon love interest.  It only makes sense, no? "

If not, I'm in the dark. "
She loves him, he does not return the feeling, Rise is pretty much Souji's fangirl. 
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This is a thread where we discuss the anime show naruto, ask me questions and I will answer them, or just talk about naruto amongst yourselves.