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I know this is an old post, but I just wanted to say that I really HATE quick time events. I find that that take away from games, dumbing them down. They add something alright: Tedium and annoyance.

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I just don't buy launch systems. Just wait a little bit after launch, it solves the whole problem.

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I don't get this. Why are all these fans whining? Isn't the analog optional to use? Will the addition of an analog stick stop people from creating new games for the system? No. So get over it guys. Seriously.

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Wait a second...I think I might be okay with the armor deal...I'm sort of indifferent to be honest. But when did this athletics thing happen? Now that irks me a little. 
Are you telling me that all of my characters will be the same speed, or will that be regulated differently? Having characters that all ran the same pace would really suck for me. It would be even worse if acrobatics were gone too...are they? I certainly hope not. 

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I'm not crazy about this idea. I've been playing since Morrowind, but not only that, I am a long-time RPG enthusiast.  
Armor degrading is kind of part of the deal when it comes to Elder Scrolls games. It's part of the feel of the game.



I found weapon degrade to be a satisfying feature. Going into an Oblivion gate with armor at 39% with high-level monsters around the corner was very intense and made you feel like an injured, relentless bad-ass. The fact that we're going to fight fucking dragons unscathed is going to be stupid. You save a damned city from a dragon, resulting in an injured hero in need a downtime. You heal yourself and repair your armor with your well earned money, ready for the next battle ahead.  

I completely agree with you on it being part of the feel. 

I think they should add a new stat to weapons called "piercing" where swords and axes have high piercing power and can injure unarmored enemies and can penetrate the surface of armored ones, but at the cost of it being dull during use and its piercing power degrading. Maces, however, have low piercing but break shields, smack weapons out of hands, and knock enemies backwards. Thing is, it will have low damage against heavily armored foes with the positive being that you don't have to worry about repair.

I've got to say that I love this idea. If the armor repair feature is truly being removed, then this sort of thing is absolutely necessary. Any good RPG that doesn't have equipment degrade has armor piercing/elemental factors. Maybe dragon fangs and claws could shred right into you unless you wore the best of armor. Perhaps the fact you are wearing a suit of metal (if you are) could be taken into account when the dragon is spewing fire at you. It would be a bad day to wear metal, a good day to dress lighter and try to out-maneuver the beast. You know what I mean? Metal gets hot. On a different note: I love the idea of smithing and crafting, and everything else I'v heard about. This is going to be a truly great game!
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I really enjoyed the first Kingdom Hearts. I could see a Kingdom Hearts without Disney, but in my mind it would need to be a crossover with a different company, probably multiple companies. However, just try to convince multiple companies that they should all team up for a super-game. Not going to happen. 
Besides, even if that were possible, Disney is admittedly very hard to beat.

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I could say Sonic the Hedgehog right now, and technically, I would be just as right as any of yous.  
Not that I'm saying he is, I definitely don't think so.

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I find these kinds of topics funny. It's all a matter of opinion.

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@ajamafalous said:
Where do you live that shirt does not mean "any general article of clothing that you wear on your upper body" and instead has some distinct meaning unique to a certain type of shirt?   Like, what do you say when you want to refer to all shirts in a general sense? Torso pants?
Lol! Torso pants...especially given the meaning of "pants" in the UK. XD
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