My Favorite RPGs

The best RPGs. Anywhere....In my opinion at least. lol

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The RPG field is big. It's funny, I probably would have a completely different list if someone asked me to make one like it, but I still agree that a lot of the items here are excellent.
Morrowind was seriously satisfying when I actually sat down and dedicated myself to playing it to the end (despite some serious sidetracking due to a console-only bug). Also good to see Jade Empire and Gladius get some love.
I'm wondering how Champions of Norrath differed from the DnD hack-and-slashers that used the same engine, if you remember.

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It's kind of funny how I've forgotten to add to this list...being the rpg fan I am. 
Hmm...Champions....The combat was actually not incredibly interesting. It's two main attractions for me was that it's 2-player, and you can fully customize your characters choosing out of five different classes/races (seven in the sequel). It was a lot of fun playing through them both with my younger brother.  

I also played the Baldur's Gate DA games, and DnD: Heroes. Both were really good for multiplayer, and there was something more engaging about the combat of Heroes.