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Bummer that there is only one winner per entrant. Glad most of these are GIFs, though. Don't be lame, mods.

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I like the suggestions of FTL, Persona 4 (somehow?) and Don't Starve.

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Anyone else? Was Dead Rising 3 spoiled during the podcast?

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@c2c said:

@madlaughter: While I don't think the ending itself was spoiled, some very important story elements near the end do get spoiled for Dead Rising 3 in the best story category (which was day 3 or 4 I believe?).

EDIT: I am actually not even sure it was best story category, but I do know Brad had to spoil stuff Dead Rising 3 during one of the podcasts.

Was it best moment? He was really high on the ending chapters to that game.

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Listening to day 2, Brad came VERY close to spoiling Dead Rising 3. What about that?

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Thanks, guys.

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If so, what day?

I have only listened to day 1 so far, and have played through The Stanley Parable and Brothers to make sure those didn't get spoiled yet. Haven't finished GTAV yet, though.

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I have yet to finish Brothers, GTA V, and the Stanley Parable. I intend to play these games. I enjoy games much more when I don't know the endings to them. I would also enjoy listening to these podcasts during work.

If I listened to these podcasts and those games were spoiled, I would both enjoy the podcast less, and enjoy all three of those games less. I agree that there's a good chance these might be spoiled, but I'm asking in case they aren't.

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Any updates to these? Most worried about Brothers/Stanley Parable/GTAV I think.

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Last Canadians avatars.