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Yeah Jeff, drop your purse and do it, would ya.

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GTA V: The story STINKS!

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The 2nd and 3rd stories from V/H/S/2.

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Theres many video game personalities on youtube that are already leaving. Classic Game Room is already directing subscribers to go watch their latest review on their website. At least they have somewhere else to publish their content, but other smaller gaming channels do not have the money to make a website and are going to have to see if youtube fixes this.

These guys have been reviewing games since 1999 and know what they are doing. I've been subscribed to their youtube channel and I'll go wherever they take me to just to see all of these classic games.

Classic Game Room is being forced out!?

*starts crying*

Of all people, why him?! What did he do to anybody!? THOSE BASTARDS!!!

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When the countdown was ticking down at the end of Dead Rising, I didn't go on the roof. Then I got a very strange ending...

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@s10129107 said:

The answer is always Vinny. It's literally Vinny every time. The question doesn't matter, and i'm not trying to say i like Vinny more or anything, but through 5 years of GiantBombing every time a question like this comes up which requires us to rank the editors by some sort of personal preference, the answer is ALWAYS the glorious Vinny Caravela.

Well, he is Vinny.

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She's some uptight lady who needs to loosen up. Miss No-Fun.

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Man, I love these "without Patrick" quick looks!

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I wonder if Patrick is going to write an article about Vinny saying "cunt."

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@WilliamHenry said:

@ThePencil said:

Fuck The Simpsons.

Fuck. Them.

I used to love it as a kid, and now I can't stand it. The only damn TV show from my childhood that I actively distaste.The Simpsons...I just can't...*sigh* I futily wish that at some point they will just end it.

I can understand disliking the later seasons, but the first ten are still fantastic. No matter how bad the new seasons get, it will never ruin the early ones.

And of course they will end it at some point. Nothing lasts forever.

Yeah, The Simpsons seasons 1 through 8 or 9 are still the best writing in cartoon/sitcom history. In fact, if I were to train my kid on what's funny. I would show him/her those seasons on a loop and that would develop his/her sense of humor.