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StevieD130 said:
"I guess a better question would be, you get the achievements and stuff before the game release... are they going to disable my live account for that?"

If you really want to be safe you could just create a local account on your 360 and play it offline with that account. You wouldn't get any points for your LIVE account but you would be able to play the game and not have to worry about having your main account banned.
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Well, it is a good idea in theory and maybe my statement about Persona 4 was harsh. I hadn't played it but I have been watching the videos and most of the time it is just waves of dialogue. Maybe if they had a different game it would be a better series for them to do. Maybe playing through something in Co-Op mode so either Jeff or Vinny didn't have to just sit there for 20+ minutes bored.

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Dude you stole from the Mage's Guild? Honestly, like you couldn't just go lockpicking some shops at night instead? Anyway, I agree with Mass Effect and if you have GTAIV, The Lost and Damned came out so you could buy some points cards and get that.

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My main problem with Home is that I don't understand the purpose of it. There's no real game to it, yet they want to sell you stuff. So they want to sell you stuff to do nothing with? Then again maybe it's like a satire on the consumerism of human life and that none of it means anything.....

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and don't worry I'm not skipping cutscenes because I would never do that. Especially for a Metal Gear game.

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Well I started playing it last night. In about 4 hours I was able to beat Act I. So I figure I am gonna try to beat Act II and III Tonight and Thursday night. Then finish the game Friday night even if I have to stay up all night. I think I should have enough time if I do that.

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Yeah definitely a confusing ending. I actually picked up MGS4 last night and played through Act 1. Needless to say this morning I've been reading all of the plot summaries for MGS 1-3. I played and beat them all but I've forgotten a lot of the story.

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Yeah, this is definitely one of the first games that I remember leaving a real impact on me. The day I bought it I went home and was absolutely blown away. I ended up staying up all night playing it. This was probably my favorite game for Playstation.

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Maybe if they played a more interesting game than Persona 4. Which is hardly a game at all considering 80% of it is pressing X.

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How can you possibly even consider RE5 as game of the year? It plays good and looks great in the demo but it plays just like Resident Evil 4. The games that win Game of the Year are almost always new concepts. RE5 is just extending one that's been around for a while.