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I just built a pretty sweet PC in a mini-itx form factor and love my Steam account.

But I'll be picking one of these up. I was really floored by the presentation.

I love the multitasking capabilities and the DVR/guide features. They've taken voice search to a whole new level as far as integrating it throughout the UI and from the demo appears to be much more natural. I used to scream at the current gen xbox and the thing either wouldn't respond or would just give me a funky result. I've never been into flailing my arms around Kinect-style to navigate menus.

I didn't expect to see much as far as games because that's what E3 is for. They have to save some of the good stuff to wow folks.

And I actually like the name: xbox One. It's much better than xbox 720 imo.

At least we got to see the console and we also got quite a few details as far as specs.

People are far too cynical these days.

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Yeeeeessssssssss! The Kinect actors are so awkward. I could barely watch those two dudes play the Kinect sports football game. We get it. The Kinect is very family and friend oriented. Seems like every one of these staged things is just way too strange. Real people don't act like this -- or do they? I have one that's gathering dust but I remain hopeful that after a year or so on the market we'll see some decent games. And there's a high probability that I'll check out a couple of these games. But my forking over a few bucks to buy these games has nothing to do with these demos. They are total cheese. 
Is it strange to anyone else that a lot of these companies have presenters mangling the english language? It's admirable and all that they're multilingual AND have the stones to deliver these presentations in front of huge audiences- heck I speak only one language. From the Ubisoft folks to the folks from Nintendo -- I dunno. This is totally un-pc but I'd think you'd want someone who speaks english reasonably well (and isn't a clown like Mr. Caffeine) to do the presentation. 

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Mr. Caffeine came off as a total d-bag. Who knows? He could be the nicest guy when he's not telling 'jokes' (the dick jokes and the crack about Charlie Sheen was groan-inducing) at gaming conventions and Mr. Caffeine is his alter-ego. I found myself getting annoyed even by his square shaped "I prefer drinking lattes" eyeglasses. And the doodly-doo segue to video? The worst. It seems like gaming companies have taken queues from rap and it's now a requirement for every publisher to have hypemen to not only pitch the game but simultaneously annoy the shit out of you. Mr. Caffeine is a poor man's Cliffy B.  
And to get back to one of the OP's main points -- did you also notice how after the EA dude stated they're not like other company's that trot out random celebs that shortly thereafter they then  proceeded to trot out random celebs like Lil Weezy and Drizzy Drake for the Fifa promo?

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Love the look of Brink. That's a day one purchase for me. I've been mesmerized since I saw the first series of videos.  
But the art style that I keep seeing referred to as "giraffe necks" seems to be a uniquely British aesthetic.  
I remember seeing it first in "Spittin' Image":

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@Damian said:

" I'll take solace in the fact that knowledge is bliss in this case. And knowing that this was never intended for the full game (how weird would it be for Gearbox to say, "oh, by the way, there's now franken-zombies in Borderlands native story mode"?) makes me happier that it can be part of my Borderlands instance if I want to pony up the $10 support for support."  

Amen to this comment. It seems to be me that the sticking point for a lot of people on this thread is that Gearbox announced the dlc before the release and not  after. I'm confused about why this is such a big problem. Are people really that ignorant about the development process? Of course they had the dlc in the pipeline. I have no doubt that they probably planned on producing this content from the outset of making the main game itself. That's what good companies do. They plan ahead and execute. I just really don't get why people would like to remain in the dark and not know this information.  
Like it or not folks, with quality "triple AAA" titles like Borderlands that are based on a brand new ip companies are going to look to maximize their profits. Look at the quality of this game! 
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Yeah, all the bitching about the dlc is pretty lame to me as well. Welcome to living in a capitalist society, where ya know, companies try to make as much money as possible? From the early press I've read the retail version contains a ton of gameplay. I keep hearing all the comparisons to Fallout 3 - Fallout 3 even without any of the dlc was worth every cent if you played all the sidequests and completely explored the Wasteland. So if Borderlands contains anywhere near the amount of content that Fallout 3 contained then I'll be one happy camper. If anything I like the initiative that Gearbox has shown with how quickly they've announced this. It shows how much their dedicated to post product release support. Everything about this game looks like pure quality to me.  
Can't wait!

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Cool! Want!

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Rainbow Six: Baghdad

Ubi hasn't said a peep about what's going on for the next iteration of my beloved series. I expect Ubi to raise the bar big time this time around. Hopefuly they've abandoned UE3 and are developing an engine specifically for the next release of this game. It's hopefully that or the LEAD engine they created for Splinter Cell: Conviction.
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"In Bruges" was hilarious! I can't believe a poster didn't like that flick. 

I watched "Revolutionary Road" and absolutely hated it. So depressing and miserable. I always use Rotten Tomatoes as a guide and that flick had about a 79% fresh rating. Perhaps it got that good of a review based mainly on the big name actors, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. Let's just say that I'm part of the 21% who think that film is an absolute stinker.

Don't watch it. Or watch it if you dare I guess. You may want to slit your wrists after from depression.