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I'd say Cavatina by John Williams (the guitarist) for The Deer Hunter.. it's lovely.
Oh, and of course Avatar. I'm a sucker for that music (and film...).

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Last game played: Gosh, let's see.. ah, yes, "I Wanna Be the Guy" (if you're talking about "last game I actually completed", it's Dead Space)

Next I'll buy: Probably GTA IV (xbox), not quite sure.. it's effin expensive here!

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I'm just going to give this the old bumb-a-roo..

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I love this site8|

Anywho, as the title hints, I can't remember the name of an old game.. here's the story:

A few days ago, perhaps a week, I suddenly remembered this game I used to play back in the old days.. just kidding, I'm not old. I probably played it around 1997-98, and it was for the PC (or quite possibly Macintosh). This is what I remember:

Crappy graphics.. I mean really crappy, like simple pixelated figures without animation...
I think you controlled a bear, though not sure (do not obsess about the bear, it might be wrong!)... besides, the graphics where so crappy it was probably just a square resembling a bear. The game was probably intended for small children, as a side note.

The story might have taken place on an island.. where the plot were to actually get off the island.. though again, may be wrong. I remember you walked around (walking meaning the square just moved position) and probably collected items. If I'm not extremely mistaken (which I actually might be) you lost health as you walked, so you had to collect food (I remember you could pick up candy).

This bear of mine might have been wearing a grayish gown of some sort.. perhaps some blue in it aswell. You controlled the squarebear with the keyboard arrows, if I'm not mistaken (no mousy).

And that about wraps it up.. if you by some divine intercourse (yes, I said intercourse) should get anything from this, please post so here or send me a message.. I'm desperate. No, actually just mildly irritated that I can't remember the name.. you know what I mean.

- madscientist