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I'm still in shock and disbelief. The show may go on, but this site (and, for me at least, game journalism in general) will never be the same. So, so sad. Above all, RIP.

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did the show launch yet? really interested in seeing how they link the game with the show.

15th in US and 16th for EU.

have they said if its a weekly show? if it is then thats ambitious. if its a monthly or biweekly show then thats more reasonable and doable.

It is weekly.

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Always carry a rock, pot, arrow, or something around to set off traps. You can walk through spikes, you just can't land on them.

Prioritize these 3 items: Climbing Gloves, compass, and bombs. They're very common unlike the cape and jetpack and much cheaper. Being able to scale the walls of the ice caves and bomb through the tough traps of the temple is a huge relief during an ironman run.

The snake pit always has a pick-axe hidden at the bottom underneath the ground.

The "restless dead" stage always has a shotgun hidden underneath a grave with the name Ash.

The "psychic presence" stage always has a jetpack in the wall behind the alien lord.

Just give Kali the damn damsels, it's worth it more then 1 hp.

You just saved me so much frustration. I've died so many times in those snake pits, thinking there was no way out. And I see the "Ash" graves a lot too. Great tips, thank you.

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This is one of the rare times when I'll be buying two games in one day. As to which I'll be playing first, that's Rage. Dark Souls requires more time to get into and I'm short on time for the time being.

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Been wanting to check this out. That's a pretty high price point though, gonna wait to see what others are saying before I purchase.

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I've always thought Brink looked interesting and it's a definite purchase for me. I'm absolutely sick of the CoD formula and this looks like a great remedy.

Slightly OT, but I'm a bit skeptical about L.A. Noire. I'd been hyping up that game since it was first announced, but over the last year as new details have come out I've just gotten less and less interested. Brink will be a definite purchase, and L.A. Noire will depend heavily on the reviews.
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" Not good news. "
This. Regardless of the potential quality, I'm not willing to take the chance. I'll be buying it on Xbox.
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I do tend to get excited for games as they approach their release date, but there's never been anything like the anticipation I had for Halo 2. It started months ahead of release and by the time November rolled around it was almost an obsession. Got it at midnight and it lived up to everything I had hoped it would be.

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Duke Nukem will still be there for him when he decides to play it. 
Be proud of your choice, it's not an easy one to make.

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Guess I'm buying the Augmented Edition.