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@ejc93: How would they exactly 'own up' to the negativity that ended up giving them a common space to discuss the worries they had on games journalism?

And you don't need a leader when you have the twitter tag. People posted on it asking for people to help report the death threats, people signal boosted it as it's common on the internet.

It is made of pockets of popularity like any other space that congregates enough different people on the internet, but to generalize it as a single hate group focused on harassment while people that want to talk about are getting waved off with a "you're all that is wrong with everything around here, blocked" doesn't achieve anything.

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I know the idea of having a group to be the personification of everything terrible that happens on the internet is very attractive but please remember how awful generalization can be.

The fact that once the death threats hit Brianna Wu gamergate people immediately denounced, reported the threats to twitter and reported it to the FBI just makes the fact that they're this mythical big bad even sadder.

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@akyho: Yeah, it's just there for the sake of completion, along with the bad movies. There's a description on which ones to watch if you're new, but yeah, not really Dan-friendly when I think about it.

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Legend of the Galatic Heroes:

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Deadly Premonition is a unique and very emotionally rich experience, Portal 2 is a great and funny game that had to build from the ground its raison d'être since Portal 1 was all about what was behind the curtains.

In the grand scheme I believe wholeheartedly that Deadly Premonition is a much stronger experience all around.

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This is why the internet was created.

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So, I was thinking for sometime about the WiiU and how it's not doing so hot on it's launch, how Nintendo's marketing has been below average, abysmal menu speeds and all that.

Suddenly, I came to a realization regarding the WiiU and how it compares to it's predecessor.

I have no idea what a WiiU looks like. Literally. If you asked me I would not be able to describe it to save my life. Once I finish writing this I'll go look for it on google to satiate my curiosity but before that...

At first I tought maybe my memory was shot since I had even seen the 'unboxing' the Giant Bomb boys did but, when I tried recalling it in my mind all that it had going for it was 'a simple black square'. That's 90% of all hardware being created, phones, etc.

Meanwhile, on the past, everybody knew what a Wii looked like, not only the Wii but it's controller too, people were making jokes about it, sure, but that ended up making sure that it's design ended up burned in our minds. That along the Wii's 'slanted square' and the blue shining drive.

Now if we get that and add the fact that the huge sales of the Wii were due to it's 'hype' you can see that this spells huge trouble for the WiiU

So, that's it, I wanted to vent my ideas somewhere and discuss how silly it was when nintendo did stuff such as hiding the WiiU from our eyes on E3 and how it looks like it all will come crashing down on them, thanks if you've read this far! :D

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So, aren't the women in industry and the fanservice stuff two diferent issues?

I agree that it's really shitty that sexism forces women to be more 'well-behaved' and 'not good looking' to have cred with the more ignorant bastards and that's something that's not exclusive to the games industry.

The thing does Tecmo making 'sexy' skins or other stuff factor into it? You could argue that 'you objectify women in the games and then they get disrespected in real life!' sounds too far fetched and bad news all around for all the people that enjoy stuff like that, even if they're conscious about the issue.

Anyway, back to the main issue. Like racism and other types of intolerance, there's only one solution, to keep on fighting and bringing this up to the public so they can go 'hey, stop treating them like shit just because they're girls.' It's an uphill fight and it'll probably go on for many generations.

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@AngriGhandi said:

Maybe it's just me, but the way they handled choices in this game bothered me to no end.

Some of them seemed totally illogical (shoot Mason in the leg? Twice? And shooting the guards does nothing?? Awesome, go fuck yourselves!) others seemed totally random (deciding whether or not to shoot Harper determines whether Karma lives ...why?) and some of them were almost nonsensical as far as what my motivations as the player are supposed to be (why would I want to kill Admiral Briggs? Did anybody pick that option??).

Also, the idea that the worst terrorist in the history of mankind, wanted by both America and China, would still be in prison awaiting trial a year after his arrest, and not put through due process and publicly executed in like, three months, was so dumb that I probably should have seen it coming. International law treats terrorists like Batman villains, apparently.

Oh, also, if you shoot the dead body of your traitor friend after Harper kills him, you fail the mission for friendly fire. THE IRONY.

In the end, the net effect it all had on me was an overwhelming annoyance that I wasn't seeing the ending I chose to see-- not because I was making the wrong choices, but because the choices I was given didn't really make sense.

And it's really too bad, because the idea of a villain who wants to turn the drones of the world's biggest military against themselves because he believes allowing any nation to have that much power and control is immoral would actually be pretty interesting and conflicted and relatable-- if the guy wasn't just a big weeping douche who spends literally the entire game crying about his dead sister, yet apparently is also possessed of enough mental faculties to be the greatest hacking genius ever.

...But I got to shoot like 500 dudes, so w/e

I feel the same way about most of it, what they should've done in the 'Shoot Menendez' sequence is telegraph a bit more what you should do, shooting the guards give you a game over so you FEEL that you have no choice, a 'sugestion' to shoot him in the leg would've gone a LONG way.

The Karma thing is absurd. It's literally a coin flip decision, most people will choose Harper because he's a cool guy while Farid is an undercover duder that seems about to shit himself every time someone talks to him. Then Farid 'saves' Karma and Karma saves the entire world...I mean, suddenly they forgot that Karma was a really huge deal...?

Menendez rise to power and super hacker powers is handwaved as him investing in Tacitus with his druglord money, which doesn't sound too bad. And, really, in the end I enjoyed the story, but maaaan, my first ending sucked (virus spreads, no one can do anything about it, Menendez kills Woods and the scene where he burns himself didn't even appear), and it was due to the things mentioned above.

Edit: @Ethereal: Mason survives, and appears on the vault. Woods asks where he was in the last thirty years and Mason Jr talks with him a bit.

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"Do you trust me? I hope so. Because if you don’t, I want you to find someone that you do trust, and listen to them instead." BUT PATRICK I LOVE YOU WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS OH GOD WHY