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I am traveling a lot for work these days and find myself on more 3+ hour flights than I care to deal with. I am looking for a few great RPG's for the iPhone (maybe great is a stretch, I would take passable). Any suggestions?  I am playing the FF1 & FF2 but variety is the spice of life.

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Everything seems to be lining up with this game. Every new video has me more and more excited and it sounds like the 30 minute demo only confirms that.
Hopefully this game creates a resurgence of the crime game. The Police Quest series a needed reboot. It has been too long since someone went after the Death Angel.

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I would love to see a deck editor. Who would not. I would be surprised if they added one though. Everyone playing from the same set of decks creates some interesting balance online and with the wealth of cards available you could build some insanely powerful decks. 
I will be picking this up. More hours wasted staring at the TV unlocking cards. Trying to play eight lands in one turn etc... 
Going to be hard to squeeze this in to a packed fall though. They should get this out in the summer.

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I feel like this is the worst awesome game of all time. I know for sure I will play it. It will be buggy. It will be ridiculous. But I will love it. 
I am looking forward to being an epic crime boss. It is good to play a game where crime does pay.

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Let's Rock.