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I can smell the Evangelion twist from the trailer. The mech is prob a monster in a mecha suit. I hate the design of it though.

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Loveless is one of the most overrated albums in existence, now don't get me wrong, it's very good but it overexploded on the internet for some reason.

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Obviously he is not the Hardcore Dave anymore, but do you think his political views, albeit likely softened, stayed with him ?

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In the last two or three years of primary school yes, but they couldn't force you to stay in one group, so I joined the retard maths group because it had my fav math teacher assigned to it (the tests and grading was the same in each group, only the pace and breadth of study was different)

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The movie could be quite good if they decided to make it in CG like that WoW trailer.

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I still haven't gotten around my Death Grips phase :(

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GT is a horrible cesspool and Shane is a colossal idiot and a plague on video game journalism. I hope he won't go and poison something else now.

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Patrick > Brad

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Cats, because there is way less work with them. Dogs are dumb empty shells and you have to clean them, pick up their shit, take them for walks etc. Cats are just there taking care of themselves not giving a fuck.

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@8bit_Archer said:

Okay so how old are you and how old is she....Thats the important Question....and have you done anything illegal yet?

The age of consent is 15 where I live and it's ok, here, I just don't see why it's so high in the US, it's a pretty evil thing.

If you were an attractive 15 year old highschool girl, would you rather get fucked by hormone ridden pizza faced highschooler assholes or a more mature and athletic college guy ?