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Come on... don't deny your favorite race nighter a chance to join in tonight.  I need a 48 hour trail card....

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Does anyone have a 48 hour gold thingy for Live that I can use?  I'm kind've gold live impaired right now....

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I can now clunker push like a true man... IN MINI FORM!

I need to get a picture of my hot wheels Ferrari 458 Italia clunker pushing this....
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If GTFan isn't in I'll try to get my Fiesta ready by then.

I need to make moneyz and fast....

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@PsEG said:

" Bob Ross scenery aside, I just want to let all of you outside of the TweetZone know that I have been taunting Slowbird after the Penguins endured a painful game 7 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning/Red Wings South/South Detroit Lightning.He's going to murder me tomorrow. Just be careful on the track, because if you're caught between me and his directed murder beam, you might be an unintentional victim.Seriously, I get the feeling my Renault's going to be doing its best rusted Lancia impression tomorrow. "

As a Colorado Avs fan, I support Slowbird and his murdering of your Renault...
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Uh oh...

UH OH...


Also I did have a car ready for the competition, a Ford Focus, so if I can make a late minute addiction I would like too, if not that's fine.

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Alright I've officially decided I've had enough of the PS3 and will be trying to get rid of it in exchange for a 360.

Hopefully soon I shall return to race night.

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There hasn't been a Garry's Mod TNT... why is that Jeff?

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First things first you guys should bring him onto the podcast, at least for one week so we can get to know him.

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They just released another part of that live feed where they show off some fatalities for the confirmed characters, as well as be joined by the director, as well as Michael Jai White, and the actors who play Cyrax and Johnny Cage in the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series.