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@PsEG: That is one sexy van... it must be rocking a lot.

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I think honestly this is a situation where things started bad and got worse. I do completely apologize for my part of Race Night being a votrex of less fun more misery. Though I think at this rate this needs to be examined as a week to week thing. One bad week shouldn't derail the entire race series. I personally will make it a priority to be much better on my end.

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I might be late, since I had to take my stepsister to the emergency room for an eye infection which has gotten worse.

So judging by what I'm seeing. This is going to be a crappy week for Vincar...

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Alright so I might be having a friend joining us this week, he got Forza 4 "essentials" last week and has been getting into it big time. So I figured he'd enjoy having a group like this to roll with.

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Go ahead and add me, just let me know your from here though...

GT: RazorbackKing

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Hook a brother up Laz...

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Well I did, but I also played NBA 2K13...

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Sorry if I came off like a dick, but I was just having some fun...

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@slowbird said:

Rewatching that race just makes me feel bad in so many ways.

...No it doesn't.

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@Dethfish said:

God damn it! Propaganda points you're such a bastard.

I can't help but laugh when I see my name at the top of the standings though. It just doesn't make sense up there. I assume by the end of round 3 it won't be there anymore, especially if Sushi drives as well as he did in Round 2, but for now I can laugh about it.

Also, I'm not sure why Vincar (whose owner, Vinny, is possibly the most likable person on Earth) gets smack talked or put down every week. We never did anything to you.

Keep it up though, and we'll put you in the hospital

Since Taswell now leads, I feel they deserve a little trash talking.

Don't worry my brother... they'll get theirs. They'll get theirs.