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So Popcap is teaming up with the American Dental Association to let you print up coupons which give out free copies of Plants Vs. Zombies to trick or treaters instead of candy. Which I have to say if I can't get candy from a house, getting a free game out of it is better than say, an apple or a toothbrush...

At the very least, something tells me they aren't going to stop you if you use said coupon for yourself.

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Fucking bugattis...
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Alright well you people can tear yourselves away from your PRECIOUS LITTLE FORZA HORIZON and be willing to join us poor Motorsport 4 only owning 'lesser folk'... it is that race night tonight....

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So THATS why they released all the disc 2 cars in three 5 buck a pop DLC packs...

Clever bastards.

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To Laz PsEG

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Well I didn't get the job... dammit.

Only time I ever would've been happy to miss Race Night.

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Well if I get this job, and I should be finding that out hopefully tomorrow. The job is a closing job to 10 pm. So I won't be able to do the super series, but I will be able to join for all the post-super series crap.

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I might take a rain check on this week's action since I'm really tired right now for some reason, and I need to get my sleep schedule back on track.

No promises either way, we'll see how I feel come race time.

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Man I was thinking while playing the Forza Horizon demo, if I can't get the game on release. I should do something like on the first Forza Horizon night make a station on Plug.DJ or and set up a special radio station for the race night. Do special request, all that stuff.

Would be a fun way to spend the evening.