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@green_sky said:

Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare. Quite enjoyed these two recently.

Same here. And Portal 2 also :)

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Finally they got it. Very late but they got it.

I didn't play any Ubisoft title since several years so I can't judge from my personal experience, but the people who bought from them in the last years said that DRM was nasty for real, so good riddance, but as I've said, it's a little too late, but better later than ever, don't you think?

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Really guys, no offense, but you should be ashamed of yourself. These guys have made all this work by themselves without any support from Valve or any other big company and you're complaining, complaining, complaining.

Really, I feel shame for you. And you don't have to pay a dime, it's completely free, and yet you complain, I don't have words guys, really.

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@Brodehouse said:

Oldest phishing trick in the Massively Multiplayer Book.

Yeah, I received one just this morning. This trick is getting old by the way, bunch of idiots.

And I don't have the game yet also, double idiots :)

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@warxsnake said:

Either the login process is giving me bogus errors or some nancy got offended by my Ho Lee Phuk nickname :/

You deserved it. Next time just choose a less retarded and stupid nickname.

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I solved guys, there's a topic with the solution. Here's the link:

It's something to do with Adblock.

Thanks for your quick replies guys ;)

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Hello dear giantbombers. I have a problem with video playing. My issue is the following: I click on the play button but nothing happens, the video don't start.

It happens me with every video, I don't know what the problem is. My flash player is updated to the last version available, until few days ago I could play any video without problem. I tried other websites and I don't have any problem. Thanks in advance.

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@Saddestmonument said:

I used to play League Of legends online, really a great game, but it just made me mad..I already get mad often online, but this game oh boy, lets just same im perma banned from it now. And i was relieved to be banned, just so i could stop playing it because i couldnt

stop, it was very addicting and fun, but also very rage inducing, to the point i was beginning to feel it was unhealthy to even play it.. Now My friend wants me to play again...What would you guys do? I think i should play again, and try to refrain myself from raging...but I think i might be better off without it..

But i DO want to play it....

It's a game. You shouldn't take it so seriously.

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Always on in video games, not in movies though. ;)

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Wow, $950K in eight hours. Really awesome. Let's see how it goes :)