World of Warcraft wedded bliss. Awwww...

last night I'm' playing WoW as you can plainly tell by the title. its 2:30 server time (Draka, which if you don't know is a normal server not PvP or RP)  and this other toon and I decide to hold an in game wedding ceremony.  We are both in stormwind so  we are going to hold it at the SW cathedral.  We make an announcement, find a best man and maid of honor, get rings and buy dresses and tuxedos.  2:30 rolls around and i go to the chapel to wait for my bride and i swear to god half the fucking server is in that church. they are all sitting down looking at the chapel and the aisle is empty.  so i stand up there and wait for my lovely bride. oh btw we even hired an in game priest to marry us haha.  anyway the whole thing goes smoothly until the Horde shows up. a full 25 man raid storms the cathedral and a battle of epic proportions breaks out. i swear is was like the damn apocalypse.  anyway the horde is defeated but not after our wedding was ruined.  but never fear we still were wedded and had our honeymoon in dalaran. 
shes always wanted to see it in summer time.


The Dark Brotherhood orders pizza. They like Pepperoni!

So I've over at a friends house and there is about 9 of us. We all play WoW and have all played Oblivion.  So are just hanging out playing some Mario Kart 64 when we decide to order pizza. We get it ordered and sit for a while when I decide to play WoW on my buddies computer. Yes, it does inhibit my ability to have a social life.  When i go into his room i notice a hooded robe hanging in his closet i pull it out and it is a full length one piece robe. Complete with a slit in it for a dagger to be put. So i decide to have some fun with the pizza guy. I put on the robe, put the ceremonial dagger he just happened to have laying around on, and put the hood up so all you can see is my chin.  They see me and instantly have the same idea as i had.  so we turn off all the lights and wait for the coming of our dinner.  He arrives and walks to the door.  I open the door and walk out with my hands in my sleeves and my head down.  Never saying a word. As i hand him the money all my friends (I had no idea they were going to do this) start at the same time "What is the color of Night?"  It took all i had not to laugh. by this point the pizza guy look liked he wanted to get the hell out of there after seeing the dagger.  So i finish it off by saying, " The night mother thanks you"
He took the money and ran. the bastard. i didn't get change.