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Just poach Danny Gamespot already. You know you, and he, want to.

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About time GiantBomb just commandeered Danny from GameSpot already. You guys could do with a Europe correspondent and they already have one in the fine gentleman that is Justin Calvert.

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I think my reaction concerning exorbitance here is how IndieGoGo get ten grand out of this. Someone explain to me how they can justify that one, apart from the obvious reason that they bothered to make the company in the first place and there isn't much competition out there.

Also, haven't see any mention of Z0NE at all; yes the Flash porn guy, don't pretend you don't know who. Squigly is based on his titular character and he's tweeted hard about the fund-raiser which is fair enough, the guy has a lot of followers (I wonder why) and he's getting some legacy here. Oh and he did do a Skull Girls porn as you may be wondering so there's that too.

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Majority of comments giving a perfect example to when people don't read an article in full but still voice their useless reaction to just the headline.

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Thanks EmoHobo! Adding an exception for @@||*_adplugin.swf worked just dandy.

For Firefox and Adblock Plus users (like me) who are stuck:

  1. Tools -> Add-Ons
  2. Extensions -> Adblock Plus
  3. Filter preferences...
  4. Custom Filters
  5. Show/hide filters (if they are hidden)- either right click on a filter (e.g. New filter group if you haven't already been fiddling) or Ctrl-R
  6. Add Filter
  7. Paste @@||*_adplugin.swf and hit Return / Enter
  8. Untick / uncheck the box next to your new exception
  9. ?????
  10. PROFIT
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Me too. Sorry Jeff but you'll need to clarify that it's until the start of the day rather than the end next time. I'm afraid I can't afford full price right now but I was ready to sign up as a cheap-ass today. Guess I'll just have to wait until the next sale (or get a job rather than watch all these damn videos ;D )

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Wow, I'm actually thinking this is a great idea. It's far easier to point where you'd like your dudes to go, and what to do, than clicking I would expect. It might even be possible to play in real-time this way now that you have this much control. Awesome, about the only reason I'd possibly invest in one.

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I'm not a prem any longer (full paid up for a year, class of '10-'11 representing yo) but I would like to ask what are Shelby Bonnie's plans now that he's sold off all of his assets (the successes we love today he created, it's important not to forget), apart from lavishing in his new-gotten monetary gains of course. ;)

He's somewhat a little known guy even though he's at the top of Whiskey Media but now that his company is soon to be no more is he tagging along to either BermanBraun or CBS or something else entirely? I guess he could be still undecided; it's just that I haven't heard his name mentioned at all yet and I'm, well, a bit of a nosy parker.

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Someone doesn't play Facebook games. Good!

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lol, awards haircuts. Not to gloss over this content in a single brush-off comment or anything but yeah...