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MAGN3TO, the 0 is a zero

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I never said that it had a better swing mechanic, I think it was the same really, but the game was overall an improvement. The comic look better suited the game and the original Brian Bendis story helped as well.

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I don't know if I'm alone in this, but when Spider-man 2 came out, I bought it on the ps2 and spent hours just swinging around. Then Ultimate Spider-man came out and that was definitely an improvement. Then Spider-men 3 came out, and it sucked. No, sucked doesn't even begin to describe it. It blew chunks all over your promdate as you were about to stick your tongue down her throat. The biggest problem was combat, and now that looks to be solved in the new game. Everything I've heard and seen has given me new hope. But there is one thing, like I said about Spidey 2, the funnest part was swinging around the city, With the story of the new one having the city overrun with symbiotes, will swinging around a "dead" city still be as fun? Let's hope so. I sure do.

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I'd like to see realtime worlds, the guys that did crackdown, do this

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Imagine this. GoThAm city. You're Batman. You can swing, drive, fly(batplane), take a boat, just about anything around GoThAm. Total free reign. The city is divided into territories. Joker, Penguin, Two-Face, etc. all have their own parts. You could even have Killer Croc in the sewers. You have to clean up the streets as gang wars escalate and all the big players are trying to take over GoThAm. Here's the kicker though, you have an "Urban Legend" meter, as i call it. The more you stay out of sight and conduct your business in a stealthy matter, the scarier you are to the criminals. If you just go walking down the middle of the street, you lose your element of surprise, but if you always stay in the shadows and drop from the ceiling on a rope to scare the hell out of criminals, you can sneak up easier and have more powerful sneak attacks. You'd play up the whole, "is the Batman real or not?" aspect of the character. It would have to have an impecible fighting system, as guns are a no-no, but you'd have tons of kick ass gadgets. I don't care if someone steals this idea, in fact, i hope they do. This is my dream game. It's totally do-able. It needs to be made, and it needs to be made right. Now, who's with me?