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A banquet: Giantbomb style!!

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@foggel: Sorry I had to but now i kind of regret it. lol.
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Fly, bro, Fly 
Cant wait for this!!!

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@WinterSnowblind said:
" @AndrewB said:
" Listen to the in-game advertisement for the movie about the first Hanar spectre. It's pretty funny. "
This was awesome.   However the game specifically said the hanar couldn't hold guns.  Would have really loved an elcor NPC though, even if it was only temporary.  Being able to use vehicle mounted weaponary begs for some kind of playable member. "
The Hanar does his best clint eastwood. Its so good. 
"Enkindle this!!" 
"This one dosent have time for your solid waste excretions !!" 
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@avengedxsniper: Totally was. Thx.
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@EvilTwin said:

" I actually think that's an awesome theory.  What a mindfuck if a Shepard just walks in on another Shepard in Mass Effect 3. "

That movie face/off sucked.    
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@Jiujitsuka: I was wondering where dominate came from. I just picked up Morinth.
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I just did this today. Its effing hilarious.  
Also take him to the Citadel and talk to Anderson.

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Try CrossOver Games by CodeWeavers. I used it for a bit. Its pretty buggy but compatible with allot o games. They have a big compatibility list on the site. 
I just bit the bullet a few weeks ago and put XP on mine. Been playin the shit out of steam games now.... Yeah way late to steam I know but when you are used to the desolate mac catalog of games steam is effing awesome.