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@ELincoln: An iPad game was pretty prominent in the 2011 GOTY discussion, so it should probably be here.

Hey, I stopped listening after I got a massive Gears of War 3 spoiler.

What game was it?

Didn't they make it pretty explicit that those podcasts were going to be spoiler city?

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<---------------The joke

Your head.

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An easy way of making it to Diamond easy: get really good at making workers and making units, expanding and attacking every 5 or 6 minutes.

While you summed that up in a single sentence, there are so many implied milestones in learning to multitask, how to respond to certain things the opponent does, and what build orders allow you to be most efficient that it's really not an "easy way". Though yes, if you put in the time and look of strategy videos, it's fairly inevitable that you can reach Diamond, unless you REALLY don't have any ability to focus continuously for 10-30 minutes or the ability to gradually improve at multitasking.

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An easy way of making it to Diamond easy: get really good at making workers and making units, expanding and attacking every 5 or 6 minutes.

The point is... "GET REALLY GOOD". Easier said than done.

Actually, my point was forget about all the fancy shmancy compositions, positioning, and build orders. Simply getting good at making stuff, spending money, and attacking regularly will get you way further on the ladder than you'd imagine. Those aren't things that you'd think of normally when people think of how to "get good".

I agree, and that's always been my problem. I get too much into the cerebral side of things, worrying about unit compositions and positioning and trying to constantly out-think my opponent. Meanwhile my friend in Masters will point that I have 1000 mins and 1000 gas, and I get rolled over simply because I have less stuff. I've got the decision-making of a Masters player, and the mechanics of a Gold player. It sucks to know exactly how to win, only to be held back by not being able to actually do it. So basically, yeah, anyone wanting to get good should just focus on macro because it's the easiest way to get better.

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Be more srs about teh newses guys.

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Not gonna lie, I very nearly shit myself when those fuckers popped up for the first time. Nothing should have that many legs and eyes. Shit's unnatural.

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Are you kidding? Giving roaches a range of 5 would make them way OP. 4 is the perfect range for that unit.

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" Okay I'm definitely on the right page for #2 but it's not activating. "
I think I am as well. It lines up with everyone's hints. Must be something I'm missing?
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I'm totally down. Alucard@magnus_bulla

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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
68 Mb/s down, everything works fine for me. 

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Doesn't seem like a marketing strategy at all for me. When I went to buy it at Best Buy they were sold out, and Futureshop only had 2 copies left(one of which I bought).