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We love you Gerstmann's!

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The thing that makes me most optimistic is that the main development team of MP3 were also the team behind Bully. And that game was amazing.

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Yeah, I know, It's pretty good actually. Just channeling all my frustration anywhere but myself lol. But seriously, can I use the boner to defeat my girlfriend? (hehe)

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I think so, where the darkness is constantly moving. I started with zero ammo and I am totally dependent on the ammo crates and the clips are so short. 50 to be exact. So i have to wait for an ammo crate and make every shot count. No upgrades to the Dentist AT ALL. How screwed am I?

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The Winged Paula boss fight is making me want to drown infants. I know i need the dentist but i didn't spend any of my upgrades on it, it was all to the hot boner (I blame Dead Space for that mentality). No matter how many times I shoot, I feel like I don't have enough ammo to kill the crazy bitch and now my controller has a dent in it. I swear to god, I'm glad this game bombed. That's something I don't want to say but it's making me seriously think less of the game which is unfortunate because I thought this was pretty good for the most part. How screwed am I for not upgrading the Dentist AT ALL?

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I just want the quest achievement =D  

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Brad was wearing the hoodie i always see him wear on the mailbag videos and he also has the same haircut. Typing that felt so wrong.....

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I highly doubt that

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I thought that too.....

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So i was strolling around to go to Safeway and i see in the corner of my eye a Mr. Brad Shoemaker himself spitting in the ground with his signicant other by his side. I didn't say anything and it very well could be someone else for that matter. Now the interesting part is that I met Vinny twice in the same Safeway which was awesome in a weird sort of way. Now the point of this topic I guess would be have any of you guys ever seen a Giant Bomb staff in the wild? Where, when, and how did they respond?

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