Weekend Update 03-25-12

(There are Mass Effect 3 Spoilers in this post)

I’m back from another illness fueled hiatus. Instead of dicking around like last time, I went to the doctor this time. I was told I had strep throat and was given a prescription for some antibiotics. This was a good choice. I was feeling better by the next day. I didn’t get any game playing done during this sick period. I just laid in bed and drifted in and out of sleep for a few days. I’m glad I got being sick out of the way since I’ll be going to PAX East. With any luck, I won’t get sick again.

I finally beat Mass Effect 3 this week. I’m going to get right to it. I don’t think the ending was that bad. I really don’t understand what was so terrible about it. I haven’t looked into what was so appalling too thoroughly, so I don't really have any counter arguments to make. I had fun with the game with the exception of the last few combat scenarios which were a pain in the ass, but that was my fault for playing on insanity. My only major complaint is at the end when Shepard, Anderson, and The Illusive Man are talking together. The last conversation wheel in that dialogue has a paragon and a renegade choice, but I couldn’t choose either of them. The renegade option I understand because I hadn’t made any renegade choices, but the entire game I did everything paragon. I also did everything I possibly could in the game. It’s unfathomable to me why I couldn’t choose that option. As far as I know, if I had been able to choose that option I wouldn’t had to do a renegade trigger pull to stop Martin Sheen from killing Shepard and Anderson. The requirements for that choice seem a little extreme given I was a nice guy throughout the entire game and still couldn’t choose it.

After putting 200+ (probably easily 300+ because multiple playthroughs) into Mass Effect as a whole it feels weird that I’m finally putting this Shepard to rest. I still have my female Shepard to play through, but that will probably be awhile from now. Maybe next year, who knows. I can’t wait to see where Bioware will take the universe next. I hope they go in an unexpected direction. Like a stealth action game as Nihlus or a member of the STG. Or a tactical RPG would be pretty baller. As long as it’s not a kart racing game. Please don't do a kart racing game.

Since completing my journey through the galaxy, I decided to focus my time on the Wii launch title Twilight Princess. The obvious next step, I know. When I first booted it up I was blown away by the graphics, not in a flattering way. My repulsion only lasted until I remembered that it was technically a Gamecube game. I’ve completed two dungeons as of this writing, so I'm still just getting into it. I’ve been having fun with it. There’s not really been any huge surprises outside of Sumo matches against Gorons. I laughed seeing Link in a traditional Sumo outfit, slamming his leg down on the ground. My only complaint, which I’m sure won’t be surprising, is the waggling that must be done to swing the sword. It’s just not precise. Whether I execute the full chain of hits seems to be up to chance. Regardless, I’m sure I’ll complete the game and enjoy doing so.

I feel like I’ve really neglected Marvel over the past two weeks. If you compare license card from this post and that last one that will be evident. I’ll probably hop into some of that after I get this posted. With me going to PAX East this week, I might not write a weekend update or if I do it will most likely be later in the week. In any case, maybe I can start doing this with some regularity after this week.

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