Best of 2010

I want to say upfront that hey, there are *SPOILERS*.  Really, you should expect this from an end of the year list, but I'll be nice and warn you anyways.  Now that that's taken care of..... 
I don't know if you can tell by my list, but I really only played Xbox 360 games this year.  That isn't really because I think the rest of the platforms are shit or anything...  I just didn't have the hardware.  I do now, and I have quite the back log on PS3,  just finished MGS4.  That being said, there was still plenty of candidates that are worthy enough to be included on here only factoring in the Xbox 360.  I really wish I could've played some of the other titles from other platforms, some really good looking stuff there.  Now, that I have a rig that can handle today's games, I'll probably dive into some Starcraft II and Dragon Age: Origins... can't wait.  Well, enough of me rambling about how excited I am for the future and more of me reminiscing of the past like some old geezer.

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