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I hope we get Berwick back and a chance to do something about their war with Russia.

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Hostility towards the people they cover instead of the people they're writing for. At the core of it, that's the problem. All the mistrust, scepticism and contempt that a journalist in any other field would normally direct to these massive corporations is instead directed at their readers.

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I'm curious to see how well it does. The sheen came off the original pretty quickly, and they probably aren't going to dump the same volume of marketing money into this model.

Some of you may wish to pray for Rare.

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Not too sure how I feel about this yet, but hopefully it leads to some tangible improvements.

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The big worry with console horror games is that the genre is not mass market friendly, so there's the ever-present danger of any new title following the trajectory of Dead Space 3 for as long as it costs so much to make these games. The real hope, I think, is in the friendliness of the consoles to indies. Just look at Steam Greenlight - it's brimming with indie horror games now. Some of these might be good and make the transition!

And hey - you can facecam when you're streaming on the new boxes, right? The next generation of PewDiePies is basically right around the corner. That's scary.

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Konami likes money, then? You could hardly tell from their output over the last few years.

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I don't see any downside to this collaboration (yet). But both men may just be putting their name on it - having done such things before - so I'll wait for some actual gameplay footage before moving to cautious optimism.

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That an effort had to be made to clarify this is a testament to the dishonest way these people talk about exclusives.

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A lot of money must have changed hands. Tomb Raider's big enough for Square-Enix to demand a high price.

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This could actually be alright - he's had a long time in the wilderness, gotta be hungry for another chance at the spotlight.