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Upgrading my PC for BF3!

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@Seneku said:

When you're going for a QA Job you are significantly better off getting a job with an actual Developer rather than a Publisher (Larger Devs like MMO ones or so often have their own internal Publishing QA also though so be wary). Publisher QA are the type people hear about most often, they have a much lower entry level requirement but they're also the source of pretty much all the bad stories - crap hours, little chance of progression, high burnout, etc. Developer side you work a lot closer to the actual people making the games and as such there's a higher skill level required but the job is often a lot more involving and rewarding with a good chance to move up into other roles etc though that always depends on the company. For Developer QA you'll often need a background in something like Programming or Level Design etc as you're working at a much earlier stage of the game and yeah ofc it can still be boring but then it sure as hell beats a typical office job!

No need to have programming or level designing skills really. What you do need is overall technical knowledge of game development (what goes where and why and how stuff can break), analytical skills, the ability to take meaningful screenshots (So people know where the bug is, cant stress this enough :D). Bonus if you're opinionated and bring forth valid feedback to developers (may it be design, art or whatever).

But yeah, get in with the developers if you can. So much more fun.

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I like QA, they make my job easier.

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Again, you guys make the video game industry sound like shit. I actually love my job as a level designer, I work normal hours (sometimes more because I enjoy it and forgot what time it was), I get plenty of nice extras (free food, parties, massages etc) and it's very challenging (I learn something new every day). Guess I must be lucky then.

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@Zyte:You could get it at £/$ 4.99, unlimited (but no mobile apps). Also, it's legal.

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@slightconfuse said:

So its british pandora?.

Not really. It's Swedish, and you can play whatever you want, whenever you want it.

I got two invites if anyone want to try it out:



First come, first serve!

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Man, you guys makes me really depressed about the games industry, and I work in it! I must be an overworked, poor, uncreative smock :(

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Grim Fandango, no contest. I regularly play the whole soundtrack top to bottom.

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I have a hard time believing it's too expansive for people. They way I see it, a subscription to Spotify Unlimited is worth less than a beer at the pub a month. It's not really that expansive and besides, it's a great way of showing the record companies how we want our content.

Also, don't be an idiot and use Blockify as GS_Dan suggests.