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It's far superior to all other music streaming services I've been testing. A clean and responsive client with nice features (no clunky web-based interface), a lot of music and super cheap. I've been using it since the closed beta and never pirated music since.

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@allgrinzz said:

Pretty, but overall not all that exciting. The tank combat would have been interesting if there was more variation, if you actually drove around. The entire tank sequence looked like an "on rails" shooter, didn't have much freedom to go booking around or anything, just move in a straight line, stop, shoot. Move in a straight line, stop, shoot. Also, regenerating health? What happened to engineers and repairs... :( Would really like to see how the infantry portion of the game plays out, if there is still classes and teamwork, or if they went the way of the popular shooter with re-genning health and lone wolfing.

Where did you get the "regenerating health" from? He's running god mode in the demo (would be awkward to have to restart the demo midway through). Don't worry, there won't be regen health.

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@xaLieNxGrEyx: I did not!
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Level Designer at Easy Studios/DICE, HI!

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I went to the University of Skövde and their game design programme, so I can give you a few hints :) If i knew the things I know now, I wouldnt pick the game design programme. Two main reasons for this. Firstly; A company will not hire you as a game designer straight out of school. Not a single person I know in my programme got a job as a game designer now (1-2 years after graduation). Some got jobs as programmers, some as artist. Some even started their own companies ( Stunlock Studios, That Game Studio to name two) but not a single one are working as a game designer at an established company. I would still recommend Skövde, but either the graphics or programming programmes, you actually learn something worthwhile there.

As I said earlier, I studied the game design programme, but my hobby was always level design... which is kinda a mixture of design and graphics and a whoooole lot easier to get a job as. I actually work as a level designer at DICE nowadays and let me tell you, the designers working here are hardcore people. They have yeeears of experience by working themselves up the chain, starting out in graphics, programming, QA or whatever. You need that knowledge.
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Get it now. You will have more time playing it, and it will cost you less than buying it when it goes final.
Unless you're the sort of person that don't know what a beta is and will complain about how unfinished the game is. If that's the case you could do: A, buy it now but don't start it until the game is final. B, buy the game when it's final but at a higher price.

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I enjoy clean, free water of the highest quality. Why would I pay for something like that? If you can't drink the water coming out of your tap, then you city have a huge problem...

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DICE, because I just got a job there.

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Darkest of Days is a good game.

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Right now... unemployed, but got a phone call today from Easy Studios/DICE asking if I fancied an inteview. I said yes. YES! Going there Monday, couldnt be happier :)