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I've been involved in a couple of game projects and I've got to tell you, I'd pick "develop" everyday. Sure, you don't get to experience the game with everything being new to you (You could still play and enjoy games you made). It's quite a journey to design and develop a game, a journey that makes you more in-tune with everything in the game than you could get only from playing it.
I love playing game too, of course. I still remember how I felt when I finished Portal for example. Like I said earlier, you could still play your own game and enjoy it very much. If you can't make your own game fun for yourself you kinda got a problem :D
Edit: @Icemael: " Experience. For the same reason I'd rather eat a delicious steak than cook a delicious steak for someone else to eat." I like cooking, so I'll have fun cooking my own steak AND eating it :)

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Go watch Arrested Development. Pretty much the best comedy series ever.

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I'm a Swede, but I'm interested in hearing a report of this when you get back home :) Gaming and culture is veeery different from country to country within Europe, even compared to neighbours.
Good luck on your journey!

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I'm a fan of vinyls, and here's why. I use Spotify everyday, all day, when I'm on my computer. I cannot run my computer without having Spotify playing in the background. This in turn makes me a mass consumer of music, and it kinda makes music into something that you put on just to have a background noise... which is kinda sad actually. When I go out and actually buy a vinyl I do it because I just love the music, and I will take time to actually listen to it. Like OP said, there's a process involved if you wanna listen to vinyl. You need to set shit up for it to work, touch the record etc, so if you gone through all that, you better be listening to it.
You could argue that CDs are just as good or better in audio quality, but it doesnt matter. Its not about how clear and crisp the music is. Right now, I got an oooold ass Ella Fitzgerald vinyl playing and it got scratches all over the place, and the recording is kinda bad (also, she forgets the lyrics all the time, its basically all scat singing, which is no problem at all :D) but the bad quality and scratches makes it come alive.
I'm into electronic music so theres a lot of records to pick up. I went to Berlin this summer and visited Space Hall (if you get a chance, go visit!) and they have rows of white labels, unlabled and just pure gems you never heard before. And you can only find them on vinyl. I found a mysterious, limited, rather unknown Aphex Twin record there. Also, it feels good finding classics like this :)
Also, they can be fucking amazing looking, like Brian Eno new album.
TL:DR: Spotify for everyday use, Vinyl for special occasions.

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Hey guy, thought I would share this with you.
Basically, you pay whatever you feel these 5 awesome indie games are worth. Not only that, but you can also pick how much of that money should go directly to the developers themselves and how much should go to chairity. So problems finding a christmas gift? Look no further!

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Yes, it matters and will continue to do so for quite some time.
I only have knowledge about the 360 (but I bet it's the same on the PS3), but you still have tough limitations on what you can and cannot do. This means that if you built a scene for a game and it turns out that in the end of the development cycle the game won't run as good as you'd hoped for, you have to do something about it. In most cases, this involves going back to 3d assets and scenes and delete a bunch of cool stuff the artists had made just because there's not enough memory to go around. That sucks. It's a luxery to think that we do not need faster machines with more memory and all that stuff. Faster hardware means that developers do not have to go back and destroy assets just because the machne couldnt handle it, it means that developers got more freedom to make more awesome stuff. With more powerful consoles, developers could even get lazy and just import sculptured models, without a bunch of optimization:D
Another thing, things that could be perceived as graphics such as AI, pathfinding, physics, animation etc would greatly benefit from faster hardware. It just makes the world feel a whole lot better.

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Why not base it in the definition of the word Violence?
swift  and  intense  force:  the  violence  of  a  storm.
rough or injurious physical force, action, or treatment: to die by violence.
an unjust or unwarranted exertion of force or power, as against rights or laws: to take over a government by violence.
a violent act or proceeding.
rough or immoderate vehemence, as of feeling or language: the violence of his hatred.
damage through distortion or unwarranted alteration: to do editorial violence to a text.

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I'm not really into hip-hop, I'm more into Jazz and electronic music, but I have a few suggestions. You tell me if it gives me cred or not, I have no idea :D 
The Grouch & Eligh - Say G & E!
You can listen to samples of all songs here: or listen to the whole album on Spotify (if you can get it): The Grouch & Eligh – Say G&E!
Ultramagnetic MC's - Critial Beatdown   
Classic Hip-hop, if you listen careful you can hear where Prodigy got all their classic samples from :) or listen to it on Spotify: Ultramagnetic MC's – Critical Beatdown 
Random song:
Moderat - Beatswaysick Feat. Busdriver: 
or Spotify:  Moderat – Beatswaysick - Feat. Busdriver 
 Damn, I wish everyone could use Spotify, everything would be so much easier then :D

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Next to her, you go tiger!