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Feeding you with too much abstract information about the undelaying game mechanics that you don't really need to know about, or could be integrated into the game world to better effect.

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Hey guys,
The thing I like the most in Oblivion is playing as a thief. I'm thinking about going back to Oblivion once again so Im just wondering if you guys know if there is any cool mods out there focusing on the fine art of larceny.

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 I like The Postal Service, so listening to this is murder. But funny murder!

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 Try rebooting your router if you havent done that already. Sometimes they can overheat/do stupid things (especially when you have a d-link) and slow down or just give up completely as a result. Let it be for a couple of minutes before you start it again and see if that works.

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Here's a pic of my main gaming room, everything you need!

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I want to go back and listen to these legendary podcasts... where should I start? Could you guys hit me up with some classics?

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@TheKidNixon said:

" While GRIN never fulfilled there full potential, I think they certain proved themselves to be passionate about making good games and less interested in just shoveling out crap. Sad to see them reach the end of the road. Though, curious what this "masterpiece" project was going to be. "

I got a few friends who worked at Grin and from what I've heard, the "masterpiece" they speak of is an ambitious project with Square Enix as the publisher. Not much is known about the project, but I've found some very nice looking WIP renders on PhilipK's portfolio (env. artist at Grin).  Can't say I'm 100% sure of this being the Squenix project, but it looks like their style.

More renders are available here.
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It's really sad to see GRIN go, I have a couple of friends who where forced to go in the first round of lay-offs. I don't know people in the management/design areas, but the people working with content is very, very skilled in what they do. Top talent all around.
I just hope some of them get together and start new companies, Sweden needs them! I know of one group who are going to try their wings, check them out at, not much there at the moment though.

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Long time reader, just signed up... so I take some credits to making it up to 40k today :P