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As Dave Lang would say: wowowowowow

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I am 26 years old and I have been a Ferrari tifosi for 18-20 of those years. This year has seen a glorified car salesman become the Team Principal, the legendary president replaced by a Chrysler idiot and a car that doesn't deserve the prancing horse symbol. Vettel is a great champion but I am not optimistic about his chances simply because he will have to win despite the team. The days of people of even half the quality of Todt/Brawn are long gone. I fear that the ineptitude of the team will cost Seb just as it cost Alonso last year. Losing Fernando is a massive mistake, though. He has single-handedly carried Ferrari in the last few seasons and behaved like a gentleman.

Still, Vettel is a massive signing and I can't help but feel that he could pull something out of the bag. Then again, I thought that Kimi/Fernando would be the second coming of Ralf/Montoya and look how that turned out.

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Dan could survive a black hole; prison is nothing compared to that.

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@gaspower: What about the Savio Vega machine?! Dan has made the site so much better.

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@skip124: Lewis Hamilton: always the victim, nothing is ever his fault.

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@ewansuttie: Exactly, the inconsistencies in the message of the drivers and the team is insane. Surely, it is not beyond Toto to issue a blanket media ban and actually deal with it internally (Nico is fined/has to apologise/somehow the matter is settled). This is a common method used by team leaders in other sports. It makes Lewis seem like a whiner, Nico seem dangerously deluded and Toto seem like he's completely lost all control.

The 1st driver/2nd driver point is somewhat valid but you must consider Lewis' history: there is clear precedent of him cultivating bad relations with a team-mate even when he's the second driver (at Mclaren with Alonso). He's been at this all season-long, remember he has openly criticised the team (over radio) multiple times to the point of implying that they favour Nico in their decisions on who to bring in first for pit-stops.

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This is yet another example of the press-cabal that Hamilton has built around him. Anyone who thinks that Rosberg deliberately hit Hamilton (and risk jeopardising his own race) is insane. Think about the specifics of knowing where exactly to hit Hamilton so as to knock him out and yet yourself remain in the race. The margins are non-existent!

This is a net result of Toto, Niki and Paddy Lowe taking a completely laissez-faire and 'boys will be boys' attitude to tensions within the team. This internal strife was apparent from the very first GP and yet nothing definitive was done. There were numerous meetings and yet nothing was achieved. Every time someone would leak details to the media (usually Lewis) which would negate the meaning of a 'private discussion.' This was compounded by Lewis directly disobeying team orders in Hungary and Bahrain - again, these actions were largely praised by the British media. Why is anyone surprised that the two drivers don't trust each other or the team. Either you say 'let them race' on all occasions, or you strictly enforce team orders. Toto seems to be playing to the terraces on both issues: he wants to be seen to be the 'cool' team principal that allows his talented drivers to 'have at it', and yet (in this situation alone) he wants to appear to protect the integrity of Mercedes as team.

What does this situation remind you of? I remember when a double world champion joined Mclaren and was paired with a rookie. Every decision was made in favour of Lewis (inter alia preferential placement for pit stops) and the team atmosphere was appalling. The car was decent that year but the backroom staff were only interested in pushing on guy: Lewis. Look at the history of Alonso; has he ever quarrelled so publicly with his team anywhere else? He is widely regarded as the most gentlemanly of all the drivers and a point of reference for youngsters and yet the treatment meted to Lewis even pissed him off.

Look, I don't hate Lewis but this archaic chest-beating jingoistic ''Cry God for Harry, England and St. George" nonsense from the British press is embarrassing and the booing plays into the same boorish mentality. It was a racing incident like the stewards concluded and nothing more and yet Nico is being called to apologise (by the press) to Lewis, british fans (?!) etc.

I wish the press was as hard on Chilton for knocking Bianchi out at the Canadian GP (for which he never admitted guilt despite being handed a grid penalty the next GP)

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@hassun: Completely agree. It's petty, ignorant and reveals a great deal about himself than it says anything about football or football players. Also, harping on the crying thing is ridiculous: these guys are shattered having all played a full season and then contesting a world cup. These players are not wimps, they're elites.