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To me it doesn't seem real. I was just listening to him like 2 weeks ago. Also there is all this content on giant bomb where I can see him, so in one way its like he's not missing at all to me. In another way though, its hit me as hard as losing a close friend.

I actually got to meet Ryan when a bunch of the GB crew went drinking after PAX East. I was with my buddy Andy, also a Giant Bomb fan, and we said hello to Ryan. I think we told him about how we loved watching the live show and then my buddy Andy jokingly (or not) told Ryan how he preferred Will Smith as the host. Ryan immediately took the beer out of Andy's hand and stared him down for a solid minute without saying a word. It was really humorous and he did hand him back the beer eventually.

I listen to the podcast while I drive. So its always broken up throughout the week for me, and its like I heard him almost every day. Again, it's nice that at least there is all this video content out there that I've yet to consume with his humor in it.

RIP Ryan Davis

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my finger isn't on the pulse, where is patrick going?

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Been this way for over an hour... my city crashed 3 times last night too... great way to spend $60...

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I ended a match with my Invoker invisible... and when I went to select him again for the next match something seemed a bit odd...

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one more thing, if you plan on playing then download the Mumble program

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Tomorrow Bodega's Butt Barn vs. Thunderfury Blessed Blade of the Windseeker will transpire. Both teams are in need of a single sub. If you're interested in helping us out, reply to this post with your Dota name and skill level and show up tomorrow on the Giant Bomb dota 2 client chat channel at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. We're looking for average skill level players to make it even but frankly we'll take anyone. Show up and you might be picked, otherwise enjoy the show!

BBB captain: MajinAce

TBBOTW captain: XantaKlawz

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I thought everyone would enjoy Team Bodega Butt Barns new logo:

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thanks I joined this, but it would be nice to have a pool of duders to roll with during the week.

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ID: Majinace

Server: US East (1st), US West (2nd)

Skill: Experienced

Role: 3 and 4

I agree that no hero should be banned. Like previously mentioned, in captains mode heroes are selected and banned in the process anyway so things will work itself out there.

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Hey duders. I'm looking for Giant Bomb dota 2 players that would like to team up. My steam and giantbomb name is Majinace. I have 500+ dota 2 games under my belt now and an exactly 50-50 win rate (check out my profile). I feel like i'm reaching the peak of my ability and the only way to improve now is to find reliable teammates. Who better than the giant bomb community?

I saw this spreadsheet that everyone added themselves too, I'll hit some folks up on here: