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APB Reload plays like reloading a gun with an empty clip 0

Playing APB Reloaded seems very similar to someone trying to look on the bright side of tumbling down a flight of stairs; sure the brief free-fall might be a thrill but it's certainly not worth the pain and anguish that comes with the experience. APB is littered with bugs and simply tries to be too many things at once, but if you're willing to endure the hurdles that this experience throws at you, including taking the proper steps to prevent the game from crashing when you first install it, and ...

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Dark Void is lacking, but still fun. 0

  I’d like to get a point across, and that’s that just because a game is rated 3 stars doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Dark Void is quite a fun game. The main reason Dark Void deserves a three star rating is because there isn’t enough content or diversity to justify the full retail price tag. Had this been a game that went for half the cost of the normal full price then I’d probably give it an additional star above what I’ve rated it now. Dark Void attempts to layer in a lot of dif...

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The future game from the past reviewed in the present 3

 There isn't any sled riding in Front Mission 4 A kid with a sled and a new Front Mission 4 player have noticeable similarities upon comparison. Those similarities being that they’re both in for quite a climb at the start but end up having a very satisfying ride thanks to all that effort that was put in. A difference being while the sled kid typically only gets several seconds to half a minute of a payoff, the Front Mission 4 player gets a payoff of hours upon hours of tactical, mechanized, cus...

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Inmates aren't the only ones crazy for Batman: Arkham Asylum 0

Simple and satisfying martial art combat, stealthy take-downs,  bat shaped gadgetry, and detective intelligence gathering are all delivered so well in Batman: Arkham Asylum that you will leave this game with no less than a wonderful taste in your mouth. How that taste got there is due to the interesting character interaction between Batman, his allies, and the villains that fans and newcomers alike will find intriguing, humorous, and authentic.  The bottom line is this game is really fun and you...

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