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I just remembered that I own a WiiU. That is a weird feeling.

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Even if it is terrible, people will see it and it will be profitable. Good move Nintendo!

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Just heard about it as well. It feels weird, no one on the GB crew can be replaced, they all just leave empty holes. I hope Patrick will end up somewhere he is comfortable and doing what he loves.

Kudos on the post, it shows that there are parts of the community that really cares.

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Walking around Tokyo I see this and immediately think of @Jeff.

Domino's represent.

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Thank you for the input mister! I definitely appreciate it. I'm not the aggro type so I hope I won't end up in fights. Also I can run really fucking fast :D

The status: My bag was lost and is now being transported to my residence. I am super duper jetlagged and tired. I've been walking around Shinjuku and areas around there quite a lot and it has all been fantastic. Today though I've mostly been chilling and catching up with the world. Walking around in the suburbs just a bit and buying cup noodles.

Here, take a picture (not from the suburbs)

And one from the suburbs (haah that orientation though, well it has to do for now):

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My flight leaves Sweden in less than 24 hours. The first stop is Tokyo and Shinjuku, maybe not the most chill first stop, but hey lest start of with major sensory overload!

Thank you everyone for your input. I will try to post something here during the trip :)

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@tyrrael said:

@jothel: I'm compelled to agree with you, at least about it being hard to replicate tone in text, but the poster didn't seem to take offense at all. Anyway, maybe I should just delete it all so as to avoid any further misconceptions.

I am that kind of person who is rarely offended. I am hardened by many years of bullshit in my life. I guess someone else might really have taken offense though. But maybe we have said enough about that stuff now.

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@hankrazorbeard: Oh, that is cool. Are you a teacher or is it just because you know English well? Do you know Vietnamese?

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@mcplated You definitely are inspiring me and thank you for the suggestions, really appreciated! I am happy to have lured you out of the lurking shadows. And regarding me standing out as a tourist, yeah I know that it will be the case for sure. I am the whitest dude ever with blonde hair and blue eyes. When I was in Namibia some people called me a shining angel! That is how much I was standing out, even with a bunch of other white buddies :D. I will be cautious :)

@andrew2696 said:

I have no real tips but boy do I envy you. I'm Vietnamese and I've only been to Vietnam once when I was like four and all I remember was getting mosquito bites all over my body (which in retrospect seems dangerous) and not getting to really take it in. My family doesn't exactly have travel money so we've never been back. Kind of depressing since I have the thought I ruined it.

Anyways hope you can share some of the experience I'm fascinated by how it is now and how non Vietnamese people see Vietnam.

I am prepared with mosquito nets and repellant! My family didn't have travel money as well, but I always wanted to. In Sweden it is so common for people to go abroad every summer. We couldn't do that. So now when I am a grown up man, I save money to be able to travel. I will definitely try to update here, I don't know how much I will be able to during my trip. But at least something afterwards. And let us hope that Drew has some stories to tell us after he is back. I loved his North Korea coverage!

Also @tyrrael, If you follow the site you might have noticed Drew talking about going to Japan and Vietnam as well. That is pretty much why I even thought about posting my story here. I also understand that you didn't insult me and I can actually understand your point of not seeing the point of traveling there. Even though I think that you can be more open minded to the rest of the world (no insult intended, just my honest opinion) and be a bit easier in the tone regarding such matters. Come to Sweden and I'll show you around a bit. We have different opinions about travel you and me, that is ok. I have friends that don't like the idea of going to Thailand, but in those cases it is clearly just a locked state of mind of something they have heard before and they usually say "Everyone is going there". There are as you might know many people not liking America, and they might even say that they dislike all Americans. But for me that statement is flawed in its core. You can't really judge a country that way. Especially not a huge country with so much diversity. But some people don't really see a bigger picture. I've been to the US and it was fantastic. I see it the same way with Thailand. People might have stories about weird stuff happening there, about crime rates, about all sort of things negative. But many also have good stories, and I focus on the good. Because even here in Sweden there are many things that suck. I try to see a bigger picture.

Well, I hope that you some day get to travel around more and I hope you will be able to appreciate it, when or if that happens. It does everyone good to see new places.

@vinny_says said:

make sure to put a sock on the pickle

If I would partake in the pickling business, I would. You don't need to worry ;)

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Whoooa the formatting dissappeared when I edited the post on my phone D: