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Another completely fucking useless post by Arkthemaniac. Get laid, there's a experience for you.

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Jayge said:
"Arkthemaniac said:
"Major called me a faggot once. BAN THAT SUCKA!"
Yeah, I'd really love to see that asshole banned."
Woah woah woah. Calm down there big guy.

Arkthemaniac said:
"Major called me a faggot once. BAN THAT SUCKA!"
This is still true

Yes, I spammed for points. No, I didn't expect to get away with it. I was doing this quite a bit (copy/paste, delete, rinse and repeat) with this article and a couple others, I meant to clean this article too but Firefox kept crashing when attempting to load it.

Anyways, sorry for the crashes.. I just hope this sheds some light on how damn easily the system is exploited.
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Dead Space
From all I've seen SR2 doesn't bring anything innovative to the table.

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Depends... Full price? Hell no.
15-20$? Maybe
10-15? Sure

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Levio91 said:

steam sucks read this license agreement walkthrough


this shows that you dont own the games

Every DDL service is the same. iTunes, Amazon, XBLA, PSN, Wii Ware -- You own the license for that game/music/movie
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I hate this kid, making a fortune off tweens stupidity. Also disrespecting Microsoft when they send him free games was tasteless, just like this music.

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Burnout Paradise
Showtime. Enough said.

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normajean777 said:
"when you finish a game just delete the install and leave the gamesaves "
This is what I do, though it's a pain to sit threw the install process when you want to go back and play a level or two
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Gamestop (ugh)

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TheJollyRajah said:
"To be honest, I've never owned an iPod before, and I don't intend on doing so. There are so many music players that out-perform the iPod."
You've never used one but you know it's inferior to so many other mp3 players? How does this add up?